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You Only owe one Dongkang Yingdong AMT

Mar 2, 2023 | Special Application | 0 comments

Being able to endure hardship is a virtue, but being able to endure hardship does not mean that one should suffer. The era endows Kayouli with good products, so it should respond to the phrase “After fighting for a lifetime, it’s time to enjoy it.”

Yingdong AMT cancels the clutch pedal and manual shifting mechanism, which frees the left and right hands of card users. Especially on climbing sections and urban roads, frequent shifting operations for a long time will lead to increased fatigue of card users. Card friends have relieved their fatigue, and you should not miss it if you want to do badly in transportation!

Dongkang Yingdong AMT (4)
Dongkang Yingdong AMT (1)

It is said that the drivers who run in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan will be very energetic, especially when it is raining, the organs all over the body are like “fairies fighting”. The “click” sound of gear shifting, cumbersome operation, and accidentally shifting into the wrong gear can be life-threatening.

Yingdong AMT adopts a double countershaft design to evenly distribute the power to reduce wear and tear of parts, and the helical gear design further reduces working noise, creating a quiet and comfortable environment for drivers during driving. In addition, the simple operation process of Yingdong AMT also makes card users more relaxed, and they can finally breathe a sigh of relief when running in Yunguichuan!

When automatic transmission trucks first became popular, they were once questioned in the circle of truck friends: Is computer-controlled shifting safe? Will fuel consumption go up? Will the maintenance cost be very high… For a while, many card users retreated, and it was not until someone successfully tested it that the concerns of the card users were dispelled. Many people sighed after using Yingdong AMT: “It’s reliable to save energy and fuel, and the old nose is getting better.”

Indo AMT is deeply integrated with the vehicle controller, with a simple structure and higher reliability. The transmission can make the engine work in a better economic speed zone according to road conditions, vehicle weight, torque, etc., so that the vehicle’s fuel consumption is lower. Now that the oil price is high, please sign for this wave of benefits sent by Yingdong AMT to cardholders!

Dongkang Yingdong AMT (5)
Dongkang Yingdong AMT (3)

Casual friends are getting younger, sports cars don’t suffer
To be fuel-efficient and comfortable, to be efficient and reliable
Easy to make big money, look for Winning AMT

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