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What’s The Secret Behind The Sparkling TA?

Jan 26, 2024 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

A shiny Dongkang engine
From the moment of offline to creating enviable achievements
Seems like everything is going smoothly
A lot of effort went into it behind the scenes
Not only does he have a body that has been tempered many times,
I have also developed a high emotional intelligence in reading card friends in minutes.
Today I will show you the high-energy daily life of Dongkang D6.7N

Complex and ever-changing road conditions and shorter and shorter transportation times have made cardholders strive for transportation efficiency, especially for time-sensitive transportation such as Green Pass and express delivery. Dongkang D6.7N targeted the pain points of truck enthusiasts at the beginning of its creation, with a maximum horsepower of 280, a peak torque of 1100N·m, high torque at low speeds, faster starting acceleration, and strong overtaking and climbing power. transport conditions and can carry more cargo. Provide more abundant power output for short- and medium-distance, high-timeliness transportation, helping cardholders operate efficiently!

He works hard, has a stable mood, and silently achieves a better version of himself, just to help card friends solve their problems. I think everyone wants a “colleague” like this~

What’s The Secret Behind The Sparkling TA-2

The freight transport situation is sluggish and vehicle costs are too high. Truck owners are particularly focused on reducing costs and increasing efficiency when choosing vehicles. Dongkang D6.7N adopts innovative designs of high-precision gas injection system and exhaust gas recirculation system. Compared with National V, the maximum thermal efficiency is increased by 5%. At the same time, the engine adopts lightweight design and successfully reduces weight by 100kg, achieving stronger power and gas consumption. Lower, making the entire vehicle life cycle cost savings more substantial, allowing truck owners to move forward calmly in a downturn!

With its outstanding strength, it has spread by word of mouth in the circle of truck friends, and the supply exceeds demand. Which truck friend does not have a right-hand assistant like Dongkang D6.7N in his transportation career?

In order to save highway fees, drivers will basically choose uneven roads and drive on slopes and bumpy roads for a long time. This is a big challenge to the vehicle’s hardware, especially the engine. This is also within the scope of Dongkang D6.7N’s consideration. It has worked hard to practice its “core” ambition and used its strength to prove its strength. It has innovated more than 100 parts and key systems to improve its reliability in all aspects. It helps cardholders to avoid pit stops and get out more often, and they can easily navigate complex road conditions without any worries!

It turns on the self-involution mode at every turn. In order to meet the needs of riders running on complicated road conditions, they work hard to develop a stronger physique and operate without any damage at high intensity. Isn’t this kind of “King Kong” exactly what you need!

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