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Water Cooling System Form of Diesel Generator Power Station

Mar 20, 2024 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

The power station cooling system includes the diesel generator cooling system and the cooling system in the generator room. The selection of the cooling system is determined after a comprehensive comparison based on engineering technical requirements, water volume and temperature of the water source, local weather, ventilation and cooling methods and other factors.


The form of the power station cooling system is mainly divided according to the method of cooling water supply in the machine room. At present, the widely used cooling systems include water cooling (DC type), air cooling (circulation type), and air-water cooling combination (DC and circulation combination). Some power stations are equipped with small units (power generation less than 30kW) with a small number (1 to 2 units). Exhaust shafts and cold rooms can be used to cool the cooling water of the diesel generators, thereby simplifying the power station cooling system.

Cooling system

The water cooling system uses low-temperature water supplied from a water source to cool the hot air in the machine room through spray or air cooler, and at the same time supplies cooling water to the diesel generator body and other equipment.

Applicable conditions for the water cooling system: there is cooling wastewater inside the underground project that can be used or there is a reliable water source outside the project, the water is abundant, the water temperature is low all year round, the water quality is good, and water is more convenient to obtain, etc.

The advantages of the water cooling system: simple pipelines, easy operation and maintenance, low concentration of poison in the computer room, and easy to ensure cooling effect. Its disadvantages: large water consumption, which increases investment in water collection and water purification. It should not be used in areas where water sources are scarce and water quality is poor.

The working process of vertical cooler and air cooler water cooling system: low-temperature water from external water sources or reservoirs is first supplied to the vertical cooler (or air cooler) to reduce the temperature of the computer room. The warm water from the vertical cooler (or air cooling unit) flows into the mixing pool (or mixing water tank), and the water in the mixing pool (or mixing water tank) is pumped by the circulating water pump that comes with the diesel generator (some require a separate water pump) Go to the diesel generator body to cool the cylinder and other equipment. Part of the hot water used by the diesel generator returns to the mixing pool (or mixing water tank) and is mixed with the warm water from the vertical cooler (or air cooler unit) to reach the appropriate inlet water temperature requirements for the diesel generator, and then is supplied to the diesel generator. For cooling. The other part of hot water can be discharged from building drainage ditches or sewers, and can also be used as flushing water.

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