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Urea Frozen How to Do I Have a Trick You Do Not Panic!

Jan 13, 2023 | Special Application | 0 comments

Under the cold winter

For those who use non-four products

What to do when you encounter the situation of urea freezing

Don’t panic! DCEC has a great solution

First we learn about the role and impact of urea:

Car urea is SCR (selective catalytic reduction) of the necessary additives, used to reduce diesel exhaust nitrogen oxide pollution in the liquid, its composition is 32.5% of high-purity urea and 67.5% of deionized water. National standard urea liquid below -11 ° C when icing, winter urea icing is a normal phenomenon, and will not affect the engine power and fuel consumption, you do not have to worry too much.

Even if the urea is frozen
The heating unit in the urea system can also defrost the urea
So how does it work?
Please see the following tips

Heating with urea tank and urea pump

The engine computer board (ECM) controls the coolant control valve (water valve) and uses the heat from the engine coolant to heat the urea tank and pump, starting the heating requires the following conditions to be met at the same time:

Engine is running

Urea tank heating setting is in the “on” state

Urea tank temperature and coolant control valve are not faulty

Engine coolant temperature exceeds the calibration temperature limit: 35℃

Urea tank temperature is less than 10 ℃ (thawing state and maintenance state are heating enabled)

Urea line heating

A heating resistor is wrapped around the pipe and the heating is controlled using the engine computer board (ECM).:

Please remember to pay attention in normal times

① low temperature when parked do not rush to turn off the engine, wait patiently for a few minutes, wait for the urea to completely reflux clean and then turn off the engine, can prevent the pipeline is frozen crack.

② usually car to spare a sufficient amount of urea liquid, regularly check the level of urea in the urea tank, urea liquid less to add in time.

③Urea liquid storage and transportation to avoid sunlight and high temperature, icing with warm water to open, you can use normally.

Although there are special climatic conditions in winter

But DCEC has a perfect heating control system

No problem to solve your problems at all times


Drive with confidence and run boldly

Winter operation is guaranteed

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