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Too weak to start? This will show you the charm of TA

Jun 19, 2023 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

Gas prices have fallen, and the natural gas heavy-duty truck market has picked up. Many truckers have turned their attention to natural gas vehicles, but problems have followed one after another. Many truckers have reported that the power of natural gas engines is weak.

Kangkang wants to tell you that you did not choose the right engine. The Dongfeng Cummins Z15N natural gas engine brought to you today is the one that stands out!

Super power, first-class overtaking speed
· Stable power 530PS, maximum torque 2500N.m
· Low-speed high-torque power performance improved by more than 20%
· High cruising power and guaranteed timeliness for trunk line transportation


Ultra-low gas consumption, open source and reduce expenditure
· Smart Brain 2.0, advanced intelligent control system
Lightweight design, compared with the National V, the gas consumption is reduced by about 5%-10%
· It can save more than 20,000 yuan in fuel costs a year

Too weak to start This will show you the charm of TA(2)
Reliable quality, stable attendance and outstanding
· Reliable design of innovative parts and pipelines
· 100,000 km long oil change interval
· The replacement cycle of gas filter element is 120,000 kilometers
·40,000 hours bench verification test, three-high verification test
Too weak to start This will show you the charm of TA(3)

Faster, better and more economical, easy to operate
Dongfeng Cummins Z15N natural gas engine
give you a sense of security
Hurry up! ! !

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