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The Reliability Of The Post-Processing System Is Critical

Aug 11, 2022 | Global Team News | 0 comments

In the Sixth era, emissions have been upgraded. The reliability of the post-processing system is very important.There is a reliable, called CMI post-processing system!To drive the world forward and achieve a better life.


reliable from continuous testing

How do we define reliability? Do you know how CMI post-processing brings more value to customers? CMI reprocessing has already conducted115.7 billion km of end-customer verification globally, and we have also done more than 10 million km of end-customer verification in the China VI phase. After CMI world-leading technology development and local rigorous verification experiments, CMI emission reprocessing has reached the industry’s leading level in various performance indicators of China VI.

Reliability comes from the top team

    The reliability of the post-processing system stems from CMI strong global R&D capabilities, with CMI having seven R&D centers in China。 I am located at the Cummins East Asia R&D Center with 30Multiple engine and post-processing bench resources. Post-processing has 2 in China40The top R&D team of the rest of the people. Formally relying on a strong R&D team and top equipment resources, we can produce such reliable post-processing products.


    The reliability of the post-data can bring a lot of value to the customer, and the global market verification and customized research and development minimize the customer’s trouble and pit stop time. Increase the operating time of card friends, improve operational efficiency, achieve efficient travel, and save operating costs. It can achieve an ultra-long ash clearance mileage of more than 500,000 kilometers. In response to customer concerns about soot clogging, CMI post-processing reduces the frequency of regeneration through system integration, reduces the risk of DPF clogging, and automatically cleans up the soot without the customer’s perception. Assist full life cycle TCO cost life.

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