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Traveled More than 400,000 Kilometers and Never Tightened a Screw?

Mar 25, 2024 | China News | 0 comments

“It has traveled more than 400,000 kilometers and not a single screw has been tightened.”

“It’s cost-effective to drive an Olringla cold-chain delivery vehicle equipped with a Fukang engine.”

This is Liu Rui, general manager of Baotou Kaixiang Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Kaixiang Cold Chain”), praising Olling equipped with Fukang Power.

On weekdays, Kaixiang Cold Chain’s main business is the dedicated line delivery of beef and mutton from Baotou to and from Beijing. As the general manager of the company, Liu Rui purchased 6 Ollin CTS equipped with Fukang F3.8 as transportation vehicles as early as 2018. After using it for three years, he was deeply impressed by the high availability and high fuel economy of the Fukang engine.

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//I’ve traveled more than 400,000 kilometers and haven’t tightened a single screw.

Long-distance cold chain transportation has high timeliness requirements, and high attendance means high efficiency. Liu Rui has a deep understanding of this: “After the beef and mutton are slaughtered in Baotou, they must be sent to Beijing as soon as possible, and constant temperature must be ensured during delivery. If the vehicle breaks down on the road, the loss will be very large, so choose a high-reliability delivery service Vehicles are particularly critical.”

Today, Liu Rui’s six Ollin CTS equipped with Fukang core have a cumulative mileage of 2 million kilometers, and one of them has traveled more than 400,000 kilometers.

Fukang engine-3

“This car has never had any problems so far, not even a single screw has been tightened.” Liu Rui said, “I run long-distance cold chain logistics transportation, which requires high attendance rates of the entire vehicle. It is equipped with Fukang F3. The 8-inch Aolin has a good reputation in Baotou, and peers praise its power and reliability. Choosing it means choosing a guarantee.”

In Liu Rui’s eyes, the Ollin CTS power chain makes users feel at ease. The combination of Foton Cummins F3.8 engine and Fast 6-speed manual transmission is very reliable.

“The power chain is reliable, and the vehicle generally has no major problems. The Foton Cummins F3.8 engine has a large displacement, strong power and fast start. The most important thing is that it has a low failure rate. The Fast transmission is stable and shifts smoothly. The performance is good.” Liu Rui said, “Each car must run at least 1 million kilometers before it will be considered for replacement. Ollin CTS equipped with Fukang core will always be my best choice.”

It’s cost-effective to open Aolinla cold chain distribution

At present, the cold chain transportation industry has been deeply involved in involution. Liu Rui said: “Under the stimulus of policies, more and more people are engaged in cold chain transportation, and there are many and mixed refrigerated models. Logistics companies are engaging in price wars, and profits are getting thinner.”

He added: “Olin CTS equipped with Fukang Power has solid workmanship, reliable quality, and a high vehicle attendance rate. There has never been a delay in delivery due to failure. The quality of the refrigerated compartment is good, and the meat is refrigerated at a constant temperature during transportation. Fresh. In addition, the fuel consumption of Ollin CTS equipped with Fukang F3.8 engine is about 13L per 100 kilometers. Even when fuel prices increase slightly in winter, the fuel consumption is not high.”

Fukang engine-2

Fukang F3.8 engine has fuel consumption that is ahead of the industry average. It uses lightweight synthetic material valve cover and oil pan, which can effectively reduce fuel consumption.

Liu Rui said: “The total driving distance from Baotou to Beijing is more than 1,300 kilometers. Our six vehicles can find the source of goods back and forth. On average, the monthly profit per vehicle exceeds 20,000 yuan. It is very cost-effective to drive Olingla cold chain distribution.”

Fukang engine-1

He also added: “The after-sales services such as the ‘rescue service within 3 hours’ launched by Oling in the past two years are both timely and efficient, ensuring the company’s benefits to the maximum extent.”

Among the vast group of truck users, there are still many “die-hard fans” of Fukang like Liu Rui. With excellent quality, it can create value for users. Foton Cummins and Ollin have a win-win cooperation. In the future, the refrigerated truck segment industry will continue to bring better transportation experience and more efficient operating benefits to truck owners.

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