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The National VI era is coming, why do users prefer non-EGR engines?

Apr 1, 2024 | China News | 0 comments

With the advent of the comprehensive National VI era in July 2021, many users prefer non-EGR products when purchasing National VI models, and among them, Foton Cummins National VI engines are a typical representative.

The choice of the old driver

Non-EGR technical routes are more suitable for domestic working conditions

In 2022, commercial vehicle products will enter comprehensive National VI standards. Among the factors that affect users’ car purchases: reliability, power and fuel economy rank among the top three. This shows that while emission standards are tightened, users’ fundamental need to create wealth has not changed, and the focus on products is still focused on the factors that most affect transportation efficiency. on options. Currently, the National VI power products on the market mainly follow two technical routes: EGR and non-EGR (that is, high-efficiency SCR). In fact, there is no distinction between the two, good or bad. However, considering the common operating conditions in China, many Drivers feel that non-EGR routes have more advantages in terms of reliability, power and fuel economy.

The post-processing system with EGR will affect the explosive power of the engine to a certain extent. As the EGR rate increases, the average pressure in the combustion chamber and the explosion pressure will decrease. This is why some truck owners buy National VI models. Although it has the same rated horsepower as the National V model, it feels lack of power in actual driving. When the engine’s power burst is reduced, the combustion heat release efficiency will also be reduced, and the diesel combustion will be insufficient, which also reduces the engine’s fuel economy.

The most critical point is that EGR is sensitive to the sulfur content in fuel. Long-term high temperature conditions will form sulfuric acid inside the after-treatment, which will corrode the after-treatment carrier, resulting in a greatly reduced system reliability. As we all know, the sulfur content of diesel in my country is still relatively high. Due to the large price difference between regular oil and private oil, some National VI truck owners still choose to add “small oil” even though they know that adding diesel from informal sources may cause post-processing sulfur poisoning. .

To deal with this situation, in addition to continuing to strengthen market promotion, improving the oil adaptability of the engine after-treatment system is also a necessary solution. In 2021, looking at the National VI power optimization plans of major engine companies, one of the important directions is to increase the reserve of non-EGR high-efficiency SCR technology routes and increase the proportion of non-EGR high-efficiency SCR technology route products, while the original EGR technology route products A lot of technical adjustments have also been made on the original basis.

As for Foton Cummins National VI products, all series of products have chosen non-EGR technology routes, and the National VI product line has been proactively laid out.

anchored non-EGR

Foton Cummins National VI provides users with more value

Knowing the pain points is the wisdom of Foton Cummins profound insight into the Chinese commercial vehicle market, and being able to solve the pain points is the embodiment of Foton Cummins technical strength. The non-EGR technology route has higher requirements for each processing system, requiring optimized design and the most precise control. Removing the EGR system can effectively improve engine reliability and power in actual use. This is a consensus in the industry. , but being able to abandon EGR at the beginning of National VI research and development requires strong technical capabilities to support it.

EGR Engines 1.webp

As early as 2015, after completing the upgrade of combustion technology and control technology, Fukang decided not to use the EGR system in the National VI stage and ensured that the products could also meet the National VI B emission standards. At the same time, by introducing a series of digital value-added service value packages such as intelligent brain, intelligent transmission system, and remote service, Fukang presents users with a systematic set of National VI emission solutions, which can effectively reduce the risk of failure of the EGR system and reduce the risk of EGR system failure. It reduces the damage rate of parts, reduces post-processing corrosion and DOC and DPF clogging, and provides Chinese users with more adaptable product choices.

EGR Engines 3.webp

While upgrading emission standards, Foton Cummins also focuses on providing users with comprehensive value improvements. Taking the light aircraft market as an example, the new blue-brand regulations have been implemented. Foton Cummins has timely launched the Foton Cummins F2.5 engine, with a power range of 96~115kW and a maximum torque of 460N.m, which is almost as powerful as the 2.5L engine on the market. The highest level, continuing the industry myth of “no Foton Cummins , no light truck”. In the heavy-duty power market, take Foton Cummins A-series National VI power products as an example. While adopting non-EGR technical routes, it has comprehensively upgraded its in-cylinder combustion, intake and exhaust systems, cooling and lubrication systems, and electronic control systems. , the air intake efficiency is increased by 30%, the piston wear resistance is increased by 30%, and the in-cylinder braking power is increased by 60%. The Auman heavy-duty trucks matched with Foton Cummins A-series engines have now become a typical representative of efficient logistics.

In the National VI era, you need to be more cautious when buying a car. Foton Cummins Power anchors the non-EGR technology route and pays attention to the core demands of users. The products and the market promote each other, forming a good reputation among users and causing geometric fission. It is the natural choice of the market for more users to choose power products with non-EGR technology.

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