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Master Zhang is Full of Praise for Dongfeng Commins D6.7N Gas Engine

Apr 11, 2024 | China News | 0 comments

7 major technical upgrades + 3 major performance improvements

The more strength and “gold” it is, the more economical it is

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Dongfeng Commins D6.7N gas engine

The story with Master Zhang

The speed of the vehicle can keep up, and the transportation time is not delayed.
Orders and profits are more than before.

“Now the competition is speed
If you run fast, you can pull one more trip
I usually take this route from Chengdu to Guiyang
Basically, there are endless mountains and slopes.
This gas engine from Dongfeng Cummins is not too fat when climbing hills.
Its explosive power is very strong
Just give it some fuel and you’ll feel the energy.
I usually send auto parts, which is enough
Driving on roads like Yunnan, Guizhou, and Sichuan
Not worried at all.”

Dongfeng Commins D6.7N gas engine

Maximum power 280 PS, maximum torque 1100 N·m

Adopt lightweight design and successfully reduce weight by 100KG

Higher cruising power and guaranteed long-distance transport efficiency

You can save money by traveling to Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan.
If you don’t pick people or roads, you’ll get hit wherever you go.

“Having recognized Dongfeng Cummins for many years
In terms of cost saving, everyone around me applauds it.
From oil truck to gas truck
Dongfeng Cummins engine performance has always been very good
Now this gas car is nothing to say, it saves a lot of money
The gas price here is 3.42 yuan and the oil price is 7.91 yuan.
Same horsepower road section
Compared with the oil truck, the cost per truck is 9.5 cents saved.
If you run 120,000 kilometers a year, saving 110,000 won’t be a problem.
The operating costs have been reduced a lot.
I regret not buying a gas car sooner. “

Dongfeng Commins D6.7N gas engine

Lightweight design makes traveling light and more economical

Adopt high-precision and high-reliability gas injection system

Same horsepower, same route and same mileage, more economical than fuel vehicles

Only by being reliable can you ensure profitability.
When you buy a car, you want to use it for a long time.

“It is extremely difficult to make money by traveling to Yunnan, Guizhou, and Sichuan.
Only after getting back the money
It’s a battle of endurance
At this time, if you work steadily without any problems, you will make a steady profit.
Dongfeng Cummins gas vehicles are reliable
120,000 kilometers a year
No problem, not a single screw has been replaced.
Crossing mountains for a long time
Safety and security are guaranteed on the road.”

Dongfeng Commins D6.7N gas engine

More than 100 important components and key system innovations

Advanced crankshaft ventilation system and fuel filter

Improve reliability in all aspects and ensure high-frequency attendance


Dongfeng Commins D6.7N gas engine

Start your transportation life with a higher energy mode

There are no limits, helping truck drivers create wealth as much as they want!

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