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Witness the True Power of The Gas Integrated Power Chain Together

Apr 9, 2024 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

The economy of traditional fuel vehicles continues to decline, the purchase cost of electric vehicles is high and the payback period is long, and gas products have attracted much attention. How to find the best choice among many brands in the gas era, and which products are new productivity products that users trust?

We are looking for answers in the “One Stop to the End, Full Gas Field” gas vehicle long-distance test held by China Truck Network!
In this full-on long-distance test, Dongfeng Cummins user Hai Zongpeng, card sister Wei Xiaoyang and reporters witnessed this sacred journey together.

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The test vehicle is the Dongfeng Tianlong flagship KX 580 gas vehicle equipped with the Dongkang gas integrated power chain. The total vehicle cargo weight is 48.94 tons. It started from Wuzhong, Ningxia, via Shaanxi, Shanxi, and Hebei to Tianjin. It traveled a total of 1,276.4 kilometers and experienced hills, Mountain roads, plains, cities and other road conditions. In the end, Dongfeng Tianlong’s flagship KX gas vehicle submitted an excellent answer with an average gas consumption of 27.3kg per 100 kilometers under comprehensive road conditions! This data not only responds positively to users’ concerns about the power and gas consumption of gas vehicles, but also verifies the performance advantages of the vehicle and engine through actual measurements.
The reason why Dongfeng Tianlong’s flagship King KX gas tractor can achieve such low gas consumption is mainly due to the deep integration of Dongfeng Cummins gas integrated power chain and its deep matching with the entire vehicle.

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Dongkang Z15N engine outputs 580 horsepower and 2600Nm of torque. The low-speed torque is 20% higher than before. During the actual test, we passed through Shaanxi and Shanxi areas, with complex working conditions and long uphill and downhill sections. The Dongkang Gas integrated power chain can still ensure the explosion of large torque at low speeds. The drivers all lamented that the vehicle accelerates powerfully and climbs hills easily. Overtaking on the road is also a breeze.
In addition, the gas integrated power chain is equipped with a smart brain 2.0 system, which can keep the vehicle in the optimal gas consumption range according to road conditions, driver operations, etc., and the throttle characteristics and upshift strategies of the integrated power chain have also been optimized. Upgrade, comprehensive calculation can reduce gas consumption by 2%. The car owner who participated in the actual test this time is also Dongkang’s old fan Hai Zongpeng. He shared with everyone the driving experience of Dongfeng Tianlong’s flagship KX 580 gas car in real time. He said that this car does not pick on the road conditions or people, and anyone can drive at low speeds. Gas consumption!

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In addition to gas consumption, the most popular thing among drivers is the relaxed driving experience brought by the gas-integrated power chain. The newly upgraded gas integrated power chain has automatic start + creep function, giving the driver a car-like driving experience. In this actual measurement, according to Haizongpeng, when starting from the service area, ignite the vehicle and release the brakes. The vehicle will start automatically without stepping on the accelerator, which avoids the increase in gas consumption caused by starting with a high accelerator and brings more safety. Good driving experience. When the vehicle enters the platform for loading, as well as at high-speed toll stations and Tianjin urban working conditions, the driver uses the creep function, which makes it easier for the vehicle to start, follow vehicles at low speeds, and move forward and backward in small spaces, and to control the vehicle more conveniently.
The journey from Wuzhong to Tianjin passes through highway sections such as Shaanxi and Hebei. Haizongpeng said that after the vehicle predicts that the road ahead will be flat or has gentle downhill conditions, the vehicle will enter the neutral coasting state after 3 seconds. When it needs to speed up or slow down, it will step on the road again. You can return to gear immediately by pressing the accelerator or brake. Intelligent judgment brings great convenience. Whether it is going up or downhill, passing through tunnels, or walking on mountain roads, Haizongpeng said it is very easy and easy to control, and there will be no strong sense of fatigue.

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Combining the superior performance of the Dongkang engine with the driver’s skillful driving skills, the vehicle achieved an excellent gas consumption of 27.3kg per 100 kilometers after traveling 1,276.4 kilometers, which effectively verified the economy of the Dongkang gas engine. After the actual test, Haizongpeng commented, “If you want to make more money when buying a gas vehicle, choose a Cummins gas engine.”

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It is Dongfeng Cummins’ mission to build its products with ultimate technology to allow cardholders to have a more comfortable, secure and worry-free money-making tool! In the future, Dongfeng Cummins will continue to work with its partners to create better products for customers and create greater value for them!

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