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Just Step on the Accelerator and Leave the Rest to Guangkang

Mar 19, 2024 | China News | 0 comments

Right now, it is the hottest time of the year, which has not affected the construction progress of the Xinxiang section of a certain expressway at all. Various large-scale machinery and equipment are working in an orderly manner at the construction site, presenting a hot and busy scene.

A good horse with a good saddle, Guangkang Power is the first choice

As we all know, highway construction has high requirements and high work intensity, which not only tests the strength of equipment working devices, but also places higher requirements on engine reliability. Therefore, each construction team sent its best equipment. Among the various busy equipment, a Liugong LD17CG4 bulldozer at work was particularly eye-catching.


From the outside, this bulldozer looks tough and powerful. Under the control of driver Master Su, the engine is invincible with surging power. “Press the accelerator to the bottom and work with high horsepower.” After a while, the mountains of dirt piled up are like “iron irons.” “It’s as smooth as if it’s been ironed.

A wave of skillful and smooth operations shows the style of an experienced driver. Having been in the industry for more than ten years, Master Su has been driving bulldozers. He has been exposed to many bulldozer brands, domestically produced, joint ventures, and foreign-invested ones. He is familiar with the driving experience and performance of various brands of machinery.

This Liugong LD17CG4 bulldozer is a new equipment purchased by the boss in 2023. According to Master Su, his boss is an expert in Anhui’s engineering machinery construction circle. He has opened a construction company to undertake projects in surrounding provinces and cities. He has invested more than ten pieces of equipment on a certain highway in Henan alone to meet various road construction requirements.


The boss has strict requirements for the selection of equipment. Considering that there are many construction projects this year, purchasing new equipment has become a top priority, especially for high-speed construction sites with high construction requirements. He hopes to have a machine with superior performance that can be used at key points. A good device that never loses its grip. After multiple comparisons and on-site inspections, he decided to purchase a Liugong bulldozer equipped with Guangxi Cummins (hereinafter referred to as Guangkang) L9 National IV engine. Facts have proved that this is a brand new cooperation and one that satisfies the boss.

With a century of technology accumulation, Guangkang gives you an unimaginable rate of return.


Since entering the site in March 2023, this Liugong LD17CG4 bulldozer has worked for more than 700 hours and has never fallen off the chain. Although it has not been used for a long time, judging from the current performance, it has exceeded the boss’s expectations in terms of work efficiency, reliability and power. As the exclusive operator of this machine, after “getting along” for more than 4 months, Master Su also praised the equipment equipped with Guangkang L9 engine, saying that it is a rare machine that he has encountered in more than ten years of work. good equipment.


In addition to the efficiency and reliability of the equipment, what the boss values most is fuel consumption, which is the most direct “expense.” According to Master Su’s rough estimate, when operating at high power for 8 hours a day, the fuel consumption is about 100 liters. At the same time, the daily maintenance of the bulldozer is also very worry-free. Except for a few reminders to add urea, everything is running normally.

After a wider range of research and actual working condition data collection, the data given by the Guangkang L9 National IV engine is even more gratifying: compared with the National III engine, it saves 1L of diesel per hour. It is estimated based on 2,000 hours of work per year. The user saves about 14,000 yuan; urea consumes 1 liter per hour, and only 4,000 yuan is consumed in 1 year (2,000 hours).

The reason for such excellent fuel consumption performance is the result of the continuation of Cummins’ century-old technology. Guangkang L9 National IV engine stands out for its stable performance, mature technology and post-processing technology that has been proven for decades and millions of units. Specifically, the Guangkang L9 National IV engine is equipped with a high-quality Kunpeng fuel system, equipped with a new generation J6 high-efficiency turbocharger, supplemented by electronically controlled high-pressure common rail high-pressure injection, with fast transient response and high combustion efficiency.


In terms of intelligence, Master Su said that Cummins technical engineers said that this engine can realize OTA remote fault diagnosis and online upgrade; it also has IDD intelligent idle setting, which can improve equipment efficiency, save energy and reduce noise. If professional terms such as OTA and IDD are far away from Master Su, then the comprehensive engine intelligent prompts on the display allow him to directly experience Cummins’ black technology.


In addition, users equipped with an intelligent management system can also monitor vehicle usage in real time through their mobile phones, provide early warning and prompt fault information, realize intelligent equipment management, further reduce usage costs and improve efficiency.

As construction machinery develops in the direction of intelligent and environmentally friendly technology, Guangxi Cummins and Liugong have joined forces to use new intelligent National IV products to achieve more fuel-saving, more efficient, and better TCO (full life cycle cost of use), for a better future. The construction of more highways provides surging power and creates higher value for more bosses.

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