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ISX12N Cylinder Product Batch Delivery!

Mar 5, 2024 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

On February 1, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. held a batch delivery ceremony for the ISX12N project cylinder block. Wang Kaijun, Vice President of Cummins and General Manager of China Engine Division, Xiong Zhenhong, Partner Strategy Director of Cummins China, Guan Zhanghua, Executive Director of Joint Venture Operations and China Manufacturing of Cummins Engine Division, Huang Haitao, General Manager of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., Vice President Managers Li Airong and Liu Jianguo, Quality Management Department Director Yu Jinjun, Production Department Director Yu Zhiwen and project team representatives attended the ceremony. The ceremony was a combination of online and offline methods. Matt T McQueen, Executive Director of Supply Chain of Global Cummins Engine Division, Ryan R Dernar, JEP Project Leader, and others witnessed this glorious moment with everyone online.

The meeting was chaired by Liu Lu, Director of Overseas and Cummins Business Department, and innovatively used real + virtual methods to participate in the ribbon-cutting online and offline. This is a new beginning, and it also means that Dongfeng Cummins has reached a new level in terms of manufacturing capabilities and global market competitiveness.

Huang Haitao delivered a speech, expressing his gratitude to the project team members for their hard work, as well as the company leaders and various functional departments for their strong support and assistance. He emphasized that the batch delivery of ISX12N project cylinder products is not only an important breakthrough for Dongfeng Cummins in improving its competitiveness in overseas markets, but also an important step forward for the company in building a global manufacturing and supply base. The success of the project further consolidated Dongfeng Cummins’ leading position in the industry. When facing difficulties in technology research and development, production process optimization, quality control and other aspects, the project team showed firm determination and efficient execution to ensure the excellent quality of the product, which fully demonstrated the strength of the team and the company’s core competitiveness. He hopes that the team can take this opportunity to further enhance its innovation capabilities, strengthen its core competitiveness, hold itself to higher standards, and provide higher-quality products and services to global customers.

The project leader shared his unforgettable experiences, personal growth and feelings during the development of the ISX12N project.

The ISX12N project started manufacturing plan evaluation in July 2022. After multiple rounds of evaluation, quotation, etc., the agreement was finally signed and officially launched in January 2023. The smooth progress of this delivery ceremony marked the important phased results achieved in the ISX12N project. In the coming days, the project team will go all out to ensure that the quality and performance of the product reach industry-leading levels.

Wang Kaijun, Xiong Zhenhong, Guan Zhanghua and other leaders congratulated the project team and put forward valuable opinions and expectations. They agreed that the successful delivery of the ISX12N project not only demonstrated Dongfeng Cummins’ strength in technological innovation, production process optimization and quality control, but also set a new benchmark for China’s manufacturing industry in the global market. Facing global market competition, Dongfeng Cummins must continue to strengthen its core competitiveness and improve product quality to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers. In future work, the project team must continue to maintain an innovative spirit, overcome difficulties, promote product upgrades, further enhance market competitiveness, actively explore cooperation models with global partners, jointly expand the global market, and achieve win-win development.

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