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Importance of Emission Treatment Systems

Aug 11, 2022 | Chinese Business Culture | 0 comments

Is Guoliu car hypocritical, post-processing is the key, you have to choose a reliable one. Want to know the answer, CMI will give you the answer and tell you what is the strength of reliable and durable “core”! DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst), DDF (particulate filter), SCR (selective catalytic reducer), non-EGR circuit, three-pronged approach, not only high conversion efficiency but also more reliable! CMI post-treatment system uses copper-based SCR to reduce the number of nitrogen oxide escapes, and the nitrogen oxide conversion rate is as high as 96-99%. Advanced filtration and adsorption technology, capturing more than 99% of particulate matter. High-quality cordierite carrier, with excellent thermal shock resistance, reliable in long-term high temperature operation environment!

Problems with low speed and low load?

In order to solve low speed and low load, in addition to advanced hardware configuration, we also have intelligent thermal management technology. Our aftertreatment, combined with the advanced thermal management technology of the engine, can intelligently select optimal solutions for different speeds and torques, and make full use of combustion control, supercharger, exhaust flow valve and other means to ensure that the catalyst is in the ideal working temperature range, even if it is cold. After startup or at low speed and low load, it can also quickly enter the efficient working area.


CMI Deep Collective uses aftertreatment and a unique set of integrated designs to make the engine more reliable. If you want the aftertreatment to play a different role, it also involves integration with the overall system of the engine. And the CMI engine and the emission treatment system realize the underlying data exchange in the development stage. The entire design, whether it is hardware, control system, software, or calibration, is an integrated design and integrated control. In this way, it is more reliable in actual operation!

In order to solve the complex and high-sulfur impact of China VI oil products on post-processing, CMI adopts intelligent control. The CMI engine is equipped with the Smart Brain 2.0 system and intelligent thermal management technology, which can better realize the electronic control management of the engine and the emission treatment system, adjust in real time, meet the emission compliance and effectively reduce the fuel consumption.

Cummins fuel system factory in wuhan

We also have an innovative design, the high-sulfur indicator, which enables high-energy early warning and efficient attendance. No need to stop, no manual operation, keep abreast of the performance of the engine system, provide users with early warning, effectively avoid the impact of high-sulfur fuel on the engine system, prevent damage to the vehicle’s after-treatment, and avoid torque limit caused by filling irregular fuel. speed. With the blessing of the big data of the Internet of Vehicles, we can understand the engine speed in the background. According to the status of the vehicles in operation, through data analysis, we can continue to optimize products and technologies, and continue to iteratively upgrade to make the National Sixth post-processing system smarter!

CMI National Sixth post-processing, reliable, intelligent, and worry-free, let you say goodbye to “post” worries!

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