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Hydrogen energy industry event “Cummins Blue”

Nov 18, 2022 | Special Application | 0 comments

Hydrogen energy industry event "Cummins Blue"

Cummins Enze headquarters and water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment manufacturing base

Cummins adheres to the strategy of localization and long-termism in China, and has established a new energy power China headquarters and a new energy power China R&D center headquarters in Shanghai.Covering electrolytic water hydrogen production equipment stacks, fuel cell engines and their core components, high-pressure hydrogen storage bottle systems and other businesses, it is expected to be put into use in 2023.Drawing on more than 40 years of localization experience of Cummins’ traditional business in China, including R&D, production, supply chain, and service, Cummins New Energy Power will join hands with the upstream and downstream of the industry to jointly drive the prosperity and development of China’s hydrogen energy and fuel cell industries.

After a year of construction and development, the joint venture has established a complete organizational structure and local manufacturing capabilities.The annual production capacity of the first phase is 500 MW, which will be completed and mass-produced in 2023, and the subsequent production capacity can be expanded to GW (1000 MW) level according to market demand.The joint venture will continue to use water electrolysis technology and renewable energy hydrogen production technology to help various scenarios such as industrial manufacturing, chemical smelting, and renewable energy comprehensive solutions, and promote the industry to achieve the long-term goal of green decarbonization.

Hydrogen energy industry event "Cummins Blue"

Cummins 200kW+ high-power forward-looking research and development of fuel cells

Hydrogen energy industry event "Cummins Blue"

Cummins New Energy’s full line of products unveiled at the Foshan Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference

Cummins’ new energy business’s entire industrial chain products were unveiled, including industry-leading localized water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment, two stable and reliable medium and heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell series products, and high-pressure hydrogen storage and transportation system solutions. Cummins’ new generation of forward-looking 200kW+ high-power fuel cell has made a big debut. As a new research and development achievement of Cummins, on the basis of inheriting the high stability and reliability of Cummins products, it further optimizes product structure and control, system efficiency, power density, and cold start. As well as an efficient thermal management system, it provides an ideal zero-carbon clean power solution for trunk logistics and long-distance heavy-duty applications.

Hydrogen energy industry event "Cummins Blue"
At the 2021 hydrogen energy industry event, Cummins and the Enze Fund initiated and established by Sinopec Capital signed a joint venture agreement in Foshan to jointly invest and establish Cummins Enze (Guangdong) Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. at a ratio of 50:50. The joint venture produces Cummins HyLYZER® series 200-1000 standard square proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis water hydrogen production equipment.
Hydrogen energy industry event "Cummins Blue"
In the special forum on hydrogen and storage and transportation, Dr. Ji Guangji, Chief Engineer of Cummins New Energy Power Division China, was invited to give a speech, sharing the hydrogen production technology and application of water electrolysis under the transformation of energy structure. Up to now, the first batch of HyLYZER®-500 products of Cummins’ PEM electrolyzed water hydrogen production equipment have successfully arrived in several hydrogen energy demonstration industrial parks in China.
Hydrogen energy industry event "Cummins Blue"

Another exhibited HD120 is a mass-produced product specially developed by Cummins for the Chinese market. It has completed 10,000 kilometers of intensive road tests and 2,500 hours of DVPR durability tests. It has excellent performance, safety and reliability, and will soon be put into urban batch demonstration operation. Cummins fuel cell technology can provide power for various application scenarios of buses, trucks, rail transit, ships and power generation. More than 400 sets of hydrogen fuel cells are in operation in China and more than 2,000 sets of hydrogen fuel cells in the world.

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