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Guarding the Power of Women on the Freight road

Mar 17, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

On March 3, 2023, the kick-off meeting of DCEC, a public welfare project for empowering women in the trucking industry, was held in Xiangyang, Hubei. Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng DCEC, Li Feng, General Manager of Marketing Company, Wang Teng, Director of Business Planning Department, Lai Haiju, Director of Customer Engineering, Cheng Mingfei, Director of Marketing Management, Xu Jun, Chairman of the Diversification Committee, Hu Hongwei, Vice Chairman of the Labor Union, and representatives from marketing, products, and manufacturing Female compatriots from various sectors such as , party and masses participated in this meeting. At the same time, Maggie Sun, project leader of China Women’s Development Foundation and WE Trucking project manager of DCEC (China) Investment Co., Ltd., was specially invited to attend the meeting.
China’s road freight industry has developed very rapidly. In the past 20 years, the road freight volume accounted for more than 70% of the total freight transportation in the whole society. Behind this booming industry is the efforts of more than 17 million truck drivers. According to the surveys on truck drivers over the years, the proportion of female truck drivers is about 5%. They have made important contributions to the vigorous development of the road freight industry. , but it itself faces some difficulties in family life and career development.
In March 2022, the WE Trucking project of “Women on the Freight Road” was jointly launched by the China Women’s Development Foundation and DCEC (China) Investment Co., Ltd. on demand. It aims to help sisters and their families achieve better development by providing them with five empowering contents: health and comfort, safety and protection, parent-child and family relationship, vocational skills, and personal development. Since the activity was carried out for one year, it has achieved remarkable results by opening the post station of “Sister Card’s Home”, building the online learning platform of Xiao’etong, and carrying out various forms of offline activities such as parent-child activities of card friends.
Women on the Freight road (1)~1
Women on the Freight road (1)

This year, Dongfeng DCEC will empower women in freight through three major plans. 1. On March 8 Women’s Day, carry out online and offline activities to send care to the card sisters and sisters-in-law who are on the front line. On March 8, two card-sister-in-law-themed caring activities will be carried out in the regional operation centers of Laoyouhui in Guangzhou and Zhengzhou. Through in-depth understanding of their living environment and driving habits, help them with driving training, health education, safety protection and other aspects of their freight growth; 2. Organize parent-child summer camp activities from July to August, by leading card sister-in-law and family visits Factories and R&D centers to experience the charm of technology; 3. Create the image of “Dongkang Fuel-Saving First Sister”, deeply understand their inner actual needs, and provide them with fuel-efficient driving skills training and more knowledge on car maintenance.

One small step for charity, one giant step for warmth! The public welfare spirit of dedication, love, mutual assistance and progress has flowed in the long history of the Chinese nation for more than 5,000 years. Dongfeng DCEC is taking action in the heart-warming public welfare activity, hoping to help more freight women through the “Cargo Road Women’s Walk” public welfare activity, and send them warmth. At the same time, it is also hoped that more loving forces can join in and jointly realize the brilliance of spring everywhere.
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