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Gas Prices Have Risen Again? Pass on Your Oil Control Skills

Jan 11, 2023 | Operation and Maintenance | 0 comments

In the new year, gas prices have doubled again.

You can’t wait to empty the last drop of fuel in the gas gun. In the eating melon gas prices, but also to think of a good response to the policy.

A long-time veteran driver offers you oil control tips. Remember to like and collect!

Standardize driving procedures
Let every drop of fuel not run empty

The weather is getting cold, cold car start without waiting for the water temperature to normal temperature, should idle in place for a moment, to wait for the engine and transmission initial lubrication, idle speed or small throttle driving. Avoid lifting the throttle when driving, which will make the engine speed suddenly reduce and play a dragging effect, offset part of the driving inertia, so that the vehicle produces “chatter”, and thus increase fuel consumption

Smooth and gentle handling
Frequent operation will make the car “hunger value” +1

Road congestion, and the front car and often brake, should be and the front car to maintain sufficient distance, so as to avoid frequent acceleration and braking caused by the energy consumption and loss. And driving pay attention to the traffic situation, avoid frequent acceleration and deceleration of vehicles, low speed, low piston movement speed, incomplete combustion; high speed, the speed of the air intake increased leading to increased air intake resistance, these all make fuel consumption increased.

Operation should be done in one go
Delay will only increase fuel consumption

When you see a red light or enter or exit the highway, slow down and shift gears quickly and promptly, especially when driving on a ramp, the shorter the time to shift gears, the better the vehicle’s dynamics will play, the more you can save fuel. At the same time, you can use the remaining power of the engine to let the vehicle glide forward, if you still accelerate to the last moment before abruptly braking, not only increase fuel consumption, but also will intensify the wear and tear of the brake pads.

Maintain your car regularly
Healthy car condition is the key to fuel control

If you don’t do maintenance for a long time, a large amount of carbon will appear inside the engine, and once it is confined by carbon, the engine will not be able to run properly and the speed of the car will slow down and the power will drop and the fuel consumption will increase. Regular maintenance can keep the vehicle in the best working condition and is a prerequisite for economic driving. To ensure a worry-free drive, it is recommended that you have your vehicle checked regularly.

A lot of advice and instructions

Better to choose the right engine

Dongfeng Cummins series engines can be picked at will

Eight lightweight design, overall weight reduction of 250 kg

Low-friction power cylinder

Five major fuel-saving measures such as high-efficiency boosting system

Effectively reduce fuel consumption

So that you can take orders at will without fear of fuel consumption and far away from the road

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