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Friends of Dongkang | Run the Cold Chain to Grab the Time Limit

Apr 14, 2023 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

What pressures does the thirty-six-year-old age node face? Mortgage loan, car loan, living expenses, parents, children, family… When you become the reliance of everyone but you have no reliance, you are especially eager to have a stable money-making tool.

But money-making tools with stable performance are not something you can come across all at once. Master Kayousun from Gansu bought a car six years ago. After two years of operation, most of the money he earned was used for maintenance, so he simply sold the car. “It’s said to stand at thirty. I’m far behind. I bought a lot of money by selling this broken car, and I can’t do a loss-making business again.” The bad experience made Master Sun extra cautious when buying a car again. In 2021 He heard that Koubei bought a Dongfeng Tianlong flagship KX 600-horsepower model, and since then he has become acquainted with Dongfeng Cummins integrated power chain.

It’s more than enough to be the first to send “fresh”

Master Sun travels on the long-distance trunk lines from Xinjiang to Guangzhou and Fujian every day, transporting time-sensitive goods such as green traffic and aquatic products. He basically chooses to run the whole journey on high speed. Competing for efficiency, whoever is faster can get more sources of goods. This is also the main reason why I chose Dongkang integrated power chain when I bought a car. The horsepower is still automatic, and it is easy to drive and run fast, and the transportation efficiency is higher. ” Master Sun said.

The Dongkang integrated power chain equipped with Dongfeng Tianlong flagship KX adopts Dongkang 14L engine with surging power, the maximum output power is 600 horsepower, and the maximum torque is 2750N m. It has stronger power and power reserve capacity among engines of the same industry and the same displacement. Also stronger. “Some roads on the expressway have a lot of continuous sharp turns. Dongkang’s integrated power chain has sufficient power, and the start is fast and stable. Overtaking on the road is even easier. I can always arrive at the destination ahead of time, whether it is pressing the car to sell goods or directly. Unloading is one step faster than others.” Master Sun said.

The longer transportation span mileage is more of a challenge to the fatigue resistance of the driver. Master Sun said: “Take the area from Guangzhou to Xinjiang, which I travel the most now, for example. It takes 80 hours to transport aquatic products to the destination for a 5,000-kilometer journey. Without an efficient and energy-saving car, ordinary people really can’t make it through.”

Since changing to this Dongfeng Tianlong equipped with Dongkang integrated power chain, Master Sun has arrived at the destination ahead of schedule more than 70 hours each time. “The horsepower of the car itself runs fast, coupled with the Dongkang integrated power chain automatic transmission to liberate the left foot and right hand, the built-in driving mode can easily cope with various road conditions, save effort when driving, and be more energetic Running for a while, the efficiency is naturally higher than others.”

Delivering “Fresh” at Low Cost Comes True

Looking at the present, with high oil prices and low freight rates, it is even more difficult to make money. For green transportation and cold chain transportation, in addition to the rigid requirements for the power of the vehicle, certain requirements are also put forward for the reliability and fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Master Sun has no such troubles, he is very relieved about his vehicle!

So far, Master Sun’s vehicle has run 240,000 kilometers in two years. “The car’s attendance rate is very high, and 29 days of running are counted as 30 days a month. The integrated design of Dongkang’s integrated power chain has fewer problems and is durable Very good, I haven’t had any minor problems except for normal maintenance since I started.” In addition, Dongfeng Cummins’ integrated power chain can be intelligently adjusted according to actual road conditions, and through a series of advanced electronic control features combined with “force”, making the integrated power The reliability of the chain is further guaranteed. Moreover, the equipped Yingdong AMT lubricating oil volume is only 7.5L, and it also has an ultra-long oil change cycle of 5 years or 600,000 kilometers, which is greatly improved compared with the industry’s conventional oil change cycle. Calculated based on the mileage of 1 million kilometers, TCO The whole life cycle cost is reduced by about 20,000 yuan. It really makes card friends more worry-free on the road to making money.

Friends of Dongkang Run the cold chain to grab the time limit

The correct choice has brought rich returns to Master Sun. He said: “The faster the delivery, the fresher the goods. It is not a problem to sell them at a good price. The owners are very satisfied. Find me.” In a highly competitive market, a good car brings a stable income to Master Sun.

In addition to the reliable performance of the car and machine, fuel consumption is also a concern of card lovers. But Master Sun has a different attitude. He thinks that the refrigeration system of a refrigerated truck needs the energy provided by the engine to maintain it, and the faster it is driven, the higher the fuel consumption. It is normal that the fuel consumption is higher than that of ordinary trucks. “The average fuel consumption of my car is around 32L per 100 kilometers. I often compare the fuel consumption with my car friends. I didn’t expect this car to save 1-2L per 100 kilometers compared with the same level of vehicles. Over time, the savings will be more, which is also profitable. “Master Sun added.

Thanks to the high efficiency, high reliability, high attendance and low cost performance of Dongkang’s integrated power chain, Master Sun can earn at least 20,000 yuan a month, and save a large part of it in addition to family expenses, he said : “There is no adult who is not anxious. It is more at ease to meet a good tool. Dongfeng Cummins integrated power chain is worth getting started!”

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