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Engine use and Protection

Jun 2, 2022 | Operation and Maintenance | 0 comments

Engine use and maintenance

1.Requirements for fuel oil, lubricating oil and coolant

Daily and weekly maintenance
Maintenance every 250h, 1500h, 4500h

2.Engine fuel requirements

Use high-quality gas diesel of No. 0 or lower temperature
Using higher temperature fuel will clog the filter and reduce power
Using higher temperature fuel makes the engine difficult to start
Drain water from fuel filter in hot state after shutdown
Change the filter regularly (250h)
If dirty fuel is used, the filter will be clogged prematurely
Engine power will drop when the filter is clogged

3.Engine lubricating oil requirements

lubricating oil:
Viscosity according to SAE 15W40
Quality is API CD or higher
Regularly (250h) change the oil and filter
CF4 or above grade oil must be used in the plateau
The combustion condition of the engine in the plateau deteriorates, the oil pollution is very fast, and the life of the oil below the CF4 level can not reach 250h
The oil that exceeds the replacement life will cause the engine not to be lubricated normally, the wear will increase, and the early failure will occur
Quality meets API CF4 grade or higher
If using CD low grade oil, the oil change period should be shortened by half

4.Engine Coolant Requirements

Use a water filter or add DCA dry powder as required to prevent corrosion, cavitation and scaling of the cooling system.
Check the tightness of the water tank pressure cover and whether there is any leakage in the cooling system to ensure that the boiling point of the coolant does not decrease and the cooling system is normal.
Operation in cold regions should use glycol + water coolant or manufacturer-approved antifreeze for use under ambient conditions.
Regularly check the DCA concentration and freezing point in the coolant.

For more information, please refer to the engine operation manual and maintenance manual, or follow the EMAC official website:
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