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Don’t be Afraid, this has Foton Cummins six Heavy Truck fuel Saving Secrets

Mar 28, 2024 | China News | 0 comments

The cost of keeping a car is getting higher and higher

Rising oil prices, poor fuel consumption

Truckers are too hard to do!

Don’t worry, this has the Foton Cummins country six heavy truck fuel-saving secrets

Help card friends in 2022 freight road is like a tiger with wings added

Power black technology hardcore fuel saving

New design of air intake and combustion system

The compression ratio is further increased

Intake efficiency is increased by 30%

Combined with the highway working conditions of the depth of customized calibration development

Fuel consumption is reduced by 1. [] 5-2. [] 2%

Go on less and make more money

Greatly increase the profit margins


Super power chain efficient fuel saving

Foton Cummins A series power + ZF transmission

Join forces to form a super power chain

Transmission efficiency as high as 99.7%

70% ultra-wide economical fuel consumption range

Better matching brings more power and less fuel consumption

Improve fuel economy

Lower cost and save money


Advanced intelligent technology saves fuel and upgrades

The latest generation of thermal management system, highly efficient and low consumption

Intelligent identification of oil products, improve oil adaptability

Cooperate with remote digital services

With the digital service center desk

Big data analysis of the vehicle status

Prevention in advance, to raise for repair

Stay online at all times

Save oil and save money in minutes

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