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Dongfeng Cummins “Engine Hundred Cities Linked Tasting Fair” launched

Mar 13, 2024 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

Efficient operations

—Dongfeng Cummins Legend Engine Hundred Cities Linkage Tasting Meeting—


On March 11, the second day of the second lunar month, the dragon raised its head, a good year, and the beginning of spring. On the day when Canglong woke up and returned to the earth in spring, Dongfeng Cummins’ “Legend Engine Hundred Cities Linkage Tasting Meeting” was officially launched throughout the country, and Dongfeng Tianlong KL equipped with Dongfeng Cummins legendary products also helped in various regions, sounding the horn for the full preparation for the peak season of the new year.

Huang Haitao, general manager of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., Lai Haiju, customer engineering director, Zhang Jun, marketing director of Dongfeng Group, and other dealers, service providers and new and old customers from all over the world witnessed this important moment!

Hundred cities nationwide linkage

Take multiple measures to create a new marketing situation

Full firepower, win at the terminal. Get close to the front line and gain in-depth insights into the market, listen to the real needs and pain points of users in each market segment, focus on shortcomings, and simultaneously promote product research and development; establish effective communication with dealers and service providers in various places to fully guarantee their interests, which has always been Dongfeng Cummins has laid a solid foundation for the market and gained the “trump card” to win at the end of the market.

Huang Haitao, general manager of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., said: “In the new year, Dongfeng Cummins will also listen to the voices of end markets and users in more ways, and use unique thinking and layout to build co-creation with users through the user co-creation model. The shared value system will become a valuable asset for Dongfeng Cummins to go further and penetrate deeper.”

Spring is better than gold, it’s the right time to make progress. Faced with the complex and ever-changing market environment and the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, Dongfeng Cummins has worked with its partners to optimize its strategic layout, actively seek changes, and make multidimensional efforts in terms of brand power, product power, marketing power, and channel power. The “Legendary Engine Hundred Cities Linked Tasting Event” has been carried out in many places across the country. The activities are carried out in various forms such as on-site explanations, forums, static + dynamic experiences, test drives, driving training, etc., bringing customers all over the country A product feast focusing on Dongkang’s legendary power. It aims to bring Dongfeng Cummins closer to its dealers and customers, establish channels to understand the end market, and also enable customers to better understand Dongfeng Cummins’ legendary series of engine products.

In Hubei, Jiangxi, Suzhou, Henan, Fujian and other places, Dongfeng Cummins functional leaders visited dealers, service providers and market end users, and held symposiums with dealers to boost everyone’s sales confidence; through surveys of customers’ actual operations Working conditions, understand their real demands for vehicles during actual use, and recommend more suitable products to them; explain the advantages of Dongkang Legend products to customers on-site, and conduct discussions on topics such as product power, reliability, and economy. In-depth discussions gave them a deeper understanding of Dongkang products; test drive activities were held to allow customers to truly experience product performance. Legendary products are highly favored by customers, and large-volume orders have been received on-site.

Cummins Linkage Tasting new-16

The legendary engine is fully launched

Strength boosts sales in market segments soaring

Cummins Linkage Tasting new-11

As the provider of the core “core” power of the whole vehicle, Dongfeng Cummins Legend Engine has strongly occupied the hot search entries in the transportation circle since its listing, and has received extensive attention from the industry and customers. At the event site, Dongfeng Cummins customer engineering director came to Haiju to professionally explain the performance of Dongkang’s legendary engine for the customers, so that cardholders have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the product. As she said, Legend Power is built from Dongfeng Cummins’ new intelligent heavy-horsepower factory, using Cummins’ world’s most advanced diesel engine platform technology, inheriting Cummins’ deep market accumulation and deep understanding of customer needs for medium-duty and heavy-duty engines, and achieving higher performance in software and hardware innovation.

Cummins-Linkage-Tasting-new-10 1080 * 608

The strength of Dongfeng Cummins legendary power has won the favor of many customers present, which indicates that the Dongfeng Tianlong KL tractor equipped with Dongfeng Cummins legendary power will lead the process of high-quality logistics transportation, help card friends stand out in the fierce logistics market competition, and create more revenue value!

Dongfeng Cummins joins hands with its partners to carry out the “Legendary Engine Hundred Cities Linked Tasting Event”, sowing the seeds of hope with a good start this spring will surely reap prosperous flowers in the future.

As an important force supporting the vigorous development of road transportation, medium and long-distance logistics has the characteristics of long transportation distance, changeable environment, and complex working conditions. High-performance transportation tools have become the core demand of the transportation market. In this event, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles and Dongfeng Cummins jointly built the Dongfeng Tianlong KL model for specific market application scenarios, bringing customers in the standard load logistics and transportation industry more power, lower fuel consumption, and a more comfortable and intelligent driving experience. A new upgraded experience with higher degree of accuracy and reliability has become the focus of the audience with its excellent product advantages.

Cummins Linkage Tasting new-2

In terms of power, Dongfeng Cummins legendary engine has a deeply integrated system solution, small size and high energy. It can burst out up to 480 horsepower and maximum torque of 2200N·m. Low-speed torque and instantaneous response are both increased by 30%, and gradeability is improved by 7%. The vehicle acceleration performance is better, fully ensuring customer transportation efficiency. In terms of operating costs, the legendary engine uses a variety of black technologies and is professionally matched and adjusted for transportation vehicle scenarios. It adopts high explosion pressure, high-efficiency supercharger, and low-friction design of the power cylinder, which can effectively improve the thermal efficiency and power level of the engine. It is equipped with Smart Brain 2.0 can accurately control fuel consumption, making it 5%-6% more fuel-efficient than similar mainstream products, empowering Dongfeng Tianlong KL to become a fuel-saving pioneer.

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