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Dongfeng Cummins and Its Partners Jointly Promoted the Development of the Industry, and Dongfeng Tianlong GX Delivered Perfectly

Aug 22, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

Recently, the batch delivery ceremony of the first batch of Dongfeng Tianlong GX equipped with Dongfeng Cummins integrated power chain was successfully completed in Yunnan. With its hard-core product strength, Dongfeng Cummins has once again demonstrated its leading position and strong technical strength in the field of commercial vehicle power.


Dongfeng Cummins integrated power chain adopts an advanced three-in-one full-closed-loop intelligent control system, which not only achieves a better balance of emissions and performance, but also enables the engine and gearbox to share the underlying control logic, thereby achieving better power output. Control matching. This innovation makes the performance output of the entire power chain even better.
In addition to the intelligent control system, Dongfeng Cummins also pays attention to the application of lightweight design and fuel-saving technology. Through eight lightweight designs, the integrated power train can reduce vehicle weight while maintaining high strength, thereby improving fuel economy and reducing operating costs. At the same time, by adopting five major fuel-saving black technologies, the fuel consumption is reduced to a minimum, providing users with considerable fuel-saving effects. The service life of the B10 is 1.6 million kilometers, the gearbox is 600,000 kilometers (or 5 years), and the oil change interval is long. The gearbox only needs to be filled with 7.5L of oil, and the TCO cost is reduced by about 20,000 yuan, which is enough to save users a lot of money.


At the scene of the GX delivery ceremony of Yunnan Jiujiu Logistics, Dongfeng Cummins customer engineering director Lai Haiju and industry customer department director Wang Qiao attended together, and introduced the characteristics and advantages of AMT products to customers in detail, which undoubtedly provided customers with a more comprehensive and deeper level understanding and experience.
It is worth mentioning that Zhao Heng, general manager of Onsite Jiujiu Logistics Co., Ltd., made an evaluation of Tianlong GX equipped with integrated power chain products. He said that Dongfeng Tianlong GX model not only has outstanding performance in terms of reliability and fuel economy, but also stands out from many high-end competitors in pursuit of excellent driving experience. Dongfeng Tianlong GX perfectly satisfies the company’s strict requirements for long-distance tobacco transportation, and has become the preferred model for leading the trend in the industry.


The successful holding of the vehicle delivery event further demonstrates the outstanding contribution of Dongfeng Cummins in the field of vehicle delivery and logistics transportation. By launching integrated power chain products, Dongfeng Cummins also meets the urgent needs of customers for power and energy efficiency, and provides logistics companies and users with more efficient and reliable solutions.

In the future, Dongfeng Cummins will continue to improve product diversity and competitiveness, and at the same time work closely with partners from all walks of life to jointly explore new market opportunities, help the logistics and transportation industry to further reduce costs and increase efficiency, and promote the sustainable development of the industry.

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