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Technology Enhances Engineering Capabilities

Nov 4, 2022 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

For construction machinery applications, reliability, high efficiency and energy saving have always been the focus of OEMs and users. As the power core of construction machinery, the efficient integration of engine and construction machinery’s electrical appliances, heat dissipation, air intake, exhaust, fuel and other system modules is the key to efficient equipment operation. So, how to ensure the seamless cooperation between the engine and the various systems of the construction machinery to run “smoothly” in the hands of the user?

Installation Quality Assurance

The Cummins application engineering team continues to innovate and introduces a new digital technology – 5G remote IQA test system (Installation Quality Assurance, hereinafter referred to as IQA) to ensure that the engine is installed from the OEM to delivery, providing users with reliability, safety and efficiency. ‘s motivation.

Tests are rendered faster-2


Traditional way: engineers go to the OEM to install test equipment, and monitor data collection and recording on site. Testers work hard and work long hours.

Introducing new technology: With the “5G remote IQA test system”, testers no longer have to “run”, they can remotely understand the key data of the engine, evaluate, analyze and optimize in real time, and provide timely support to customers.



Using 5G digital technology, without changing the existing test equipment embedded and peripheral kits, Cummins realizes remote system testing through the integrated terminal equipment of “5G CPE + 5G IoT card + networking management platform”. At the same time, it integrates high-definition audio and video systems to realize remote environment recognition, image capture, data detection, real-time uploading, and analysis functions, bringing users five innovative and upgraded experiences.

Installation Quality Assurance-3

Based on 5G digital technology, combined with the in-depth integration experience of many customers, Cummins innovative technology enables application engineering, and uses professional service engineering technology to build “unmanned on-site, wireless transmission, information integration, and intelligent analysis” engineering test solution solutions to provide customers with fast, intelligent and reliable services.

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