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Delivery Time | Dongfeng Cummins Surges into Golden October

Oct 18, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

On October 11, the Chenglong H7 tractor equipped with Dongfeng Cummins Z15N gas engine was launched and won a large order of 466 units. On the 14th, 50 Dongfeng Tianjin KR models equipped with Dongfeng Cummins D4.5 engines were successfully delivered to Youju Supply Chain, a major customer in Huadu District, Guangzhou, and 20 more units are expected to be delivered before the year.

In the current fierce competition in domestic commercial vehicles, Dongfeng Cummins, which has been forging ahead and working with its partners, has successively received batch orders from the market with its years of good reputation and product quality worthy of users’ trust.

Gas market flexes its muscles

Since the beginning of this year, driven by the dual promotion of operating costs and environmental protection policies, gas-fired heavy trucks have become a hot commodity in road transportation. Taking advantage of the situation, Liuzhou Automobile Chenglong and Dongfeng Cummins launched the Chenglong H7 high-horsepower LNG tractor, which has brought an economical and energy-saving trend to the majority of truck owners, and also brought new choices and new possibilities to the gas vehicle market.

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As the “heart” of the vehicle, the Dongfeng Cummins Z15N 550-horsepower gas engine equipped on the Chenglong H7 tractor has outstanding performance and leads the industry in performance advantages. The power performance of the Z15N engine has been improved by more than 20%. It also has functions such as intelligent diagnosis system and remote calibration upgrade, which can realize early warning, save time and effort, and create higher attendance rate with high efficiency. And with the support of intelligent control systems and lightweight design, gas consumption is reduced by about 5% compared with products of the same level. Dongfeng Cummins gas engines will implement energy saving and cost reduction to the end!
Thanks to the blessing of Dongkang gas engines, the Chenglong H7 Cummins high-horsepower LNG tractor has reduced gas consumption by 2KG per 100 kilometers. Calculated based on an annual operation of 150,000 kilometers, it can save more than 10,000 yuan in fuel costs! The excellent performance has won praise and recognition from many major customers and card lovers, and 466 orders were sold on site!
Experts from the Henan Logistics Chamber of Commerce said that in an environment of sluggish freight rates and high transportation costs, the relationship between companies and customers has transformed from a simple sales partnership to a symbiotic relationship of mutual achievement. Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile and Dongfeng Cummins jointly provide an efficient and profitable long-distance logistics transportation solution under high oil prices – Chenglong H7 Cummins high-horsepower LNG tractor, which will undoubtedly lead the process of high-quality logistics transportation and help truck owners in the fierce competition. Stand out from the competition in the logistics market and create more value!

Tailor-made for short and medium distance markets

The operating cost of long-distance transportation is too high, and short-distance transportation is a short-distance operation, but the business is less. Short- and medium-distance transportation once became the choice of many customers. On October 14, the first batch of 50 Dongfeng Tianjin KR equipped with Dongfeng Cummins D4.5 engine was successfully delivered to Youju Supply Chain, a major customer of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles in Huadu District, Guangzhou. “Small size, big energy” provides customers with efficient and low-cost operations. brought practical protection.

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Dongfeng Cummins D4.5 National VI engine is specially tailored for the short- and medium-distance market. With its super power performance and field test results, it has won the favor of many truck enthusiasts. D4.5 horsepower covers a range of 190-220 horsepower, with a maximum torque of 820N·m. The low-speed torque is 10% higher than that of National V. The starting acceleration and climbing performance is better than products of the same level. The engine is integrated with an intelligent fuel consumption management system design, which can provide optimal fuel consumption management solutions based on vehicle driving needs, weight and road conditions, reducing costs and increasing efficiency for users!

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In addition, Dongfeng Cummins D4.5 will soon launch a 240-horsepower version. While the power is increased, the low-speed torque is also increased by 10% compared with the original state. It is committed to bringing more efficient operations to customers!

The market determines the product, and user reputation is the touchstone of the product. Batch delivery is the customer’s recognition and support for Dongfeng Cummins. At a critical node in the logistics and transportation industry that has been tested, Dongfeng Cummins joins hands with its partners to create value that exceeds customer expectations and promotes the efficient development of domestic logistics. We believe that with the strong performance of Dongfeng Cummins products, more customers will usher in new career peaks in the transportation industry!

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