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DCEC’s “Live Room” is Hot With Big Names

May 6, 2023 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

On April 28, Dongfeng Cummins held a Hurricane live broadcast event with the theme of “Accompanying, Wisdom, Win and Coexistence”. Through remote connection with guests, technicians on-site explanation + dynamic experience, etc., it brought the majority of users watching the live broadcast. A feast of products centered on the integrated power chain of Dongfeng Cummins. At the same time, the event and rules of the “Hurricane Live Challenge” were released on the spot, which is dedicated to allowing users to better understand and understand the product through online explanations.

△ The scene of the “Hurricane Live Studio” live broadcast kick-off meeting
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Huang Haitao, General Manager of Dongfeng Cummins, Xu Daqian, Secretary of the Party Committee & Executive Deputy General Manager, Liu Jun, Director of New Business Development Department, Cheng Mingfei, Director of Marketing Management Department, Zhou Rongfan, Director of Regional Marketing Department, Yu Jun, Manager of AMT Business Development Department, Cen Mufeng, Chief Engineer of AMT and distribution Traders, customers, and media witness together!

Hard core power chain
Open the Yingying transportation road

With the upgrade of China VI emissions, the performance, quality and related services of the powertrain have become the focus of attention of users. In 2021, Dongfeng Cummins will take the lead in launching an integrated power chain, which truly achieves a high degree of vertical integration of the power chain and a higher degree of cooperation with the vehicle At the same time, it brings the best solution to the customer’s operation.

Dongfeng Cummins has carried out in-depth product development based on domestic road conditions and customer use environments. The integrated power chain can give full play to the integrated performance of the engine and gearbox, improve product stability, and fully meet the needs of users for efficient operation. The integrated power chain integrates more than ten kinds of driving modes, precisely controls the power and shifting, and the unique automatic start function and creep function can greatly reduce the fatigue of the driver; the engine and the gearbox share the underlying control logic to achieve more Optimum control matching ultimately achieves better power chain performance output; eight lightweight designs plus five fuel-saving black technology blessings fundamentally guarantee low-cost operation.

Dongfeng Cummins integrated power chain has also made great efforts in terms of reliability. It has an ultra-long oil change cycle of 5 years or 600,000 kilometers, which is greatly improved compared with the industry’s conventional oil change cycle of 3 years or 400,000 kilometers. Based on the mileage of 1 million kilometers, the TCO can be reduced by at least 20,000 yuan. Not only is it ahead of the peers, but it also makes card users more worry-free on the road to making money.
DCEC's Live Room is Hot With Big Names(1)

△ Integrated power chain

DCEC's Live Room is Hot With Big Names(2)

△ Real car demonstration by Cen Mufeng, chief engineer of AMT

DCEC's Live Room is Hot With Big Names(3)

△ AMT production line

Live Challenge
Open up a new marketing track

Facing the new market and the new situation, it requires a lot of effort and effort, and fast, flexible, and excellent marketing capabilities are the key to catalyzing the ripening of market fruits. Entering 2023, Dongfeng Cummins will continue to make efforts in market expansion, focusing on multi-dimensional innovations such as brand, product, market, and service, and comprehensively enhance brand competitiveness and value. At the same time, innovation has also been increased in marketing methods, and communication efforts have been increased through the combination of online and offline, in order to achieve continuous leadership in the automatic transmission heavy truck market.
Offline, Dongfeng Cummins held various user experience activities. Through joint vehicle manufacturers and regional dealers to carry out product promotion meetings, hold fuel-saving competitions, rally competitions and other marketing activities, to invite users in and let the brand go out. Online, Dongfeng Cummins held a short video challenge and released the “Old Friend Club Star Program”. In the form of short videos, it built a platform for card friends to communicate and display. The activity has achieved initial success. The video has a deeper understanding of Dongkang’s products.
Under the impact of the Internet wave, the traditional commercial vehicle marketing model is increasingly unable to meet customer needs. From enterprise decision makers, to production operators, to actual sales personnel, enterprises need to break away from the traditional marketing model. For a long time, Dongfeng Cummins has been constantly exploring and innovating in transformation. In the past two years, it has achieved good results in organizing online activities through the Internet, and it has also strengthened Dongfeng Cummins’ focus on Internet transformation.

The “Hurricane Live Challenge” event released on the live broadcast site is another exploration of Dongfeng Cummins’ brand communication mode. Dongfeng Cummins cooperates with dealers to provide users with a comprehensive online experience by optimizing information such as product display, product performance, and product prices. Through online live broadcast promotion, excellent products can use the network and traffic to connect with users, and root the products in the hearts of users.

A successful live broadcast is inseparable from an excellent anchor, but factors such as whether the product itself is high-quality, whether the brand is influential, and brand operations throughout the live broadcast process also have an important impact on the success of the live broadcast. In order to enable the participants of the “Hurricane Live Streaming” event to achieve good results, the rules of this competition are quite sophisticated.

The judging criteria of the live broadcast challenge are evaluated from four aspects: live broadcast ability, sales ability, commodity ability, and regional alliance.

The largest proportion is the live broadcast ability. Through the number of online users in the live broadcast room, the highest number of online users, the average viewing time per person, and the number of likes, you can intuitively feel whether the popularity and traffic brought by this live broadcast are not high. 40% of the total score.

Of course, in addition to live broadcast popularity, sales ability is also an important assessment standard. This is scored from sales ability and product ability, both of which account for 25%. Sales are based on the order information of each model matched by Dongkang; product ability is Test the proficiency of live broadcast personnel in product display and product knowledge.

The last item further strengthens the live broadcast effect through the joint live broadcast of dealers and regional personnel, accounting for 10%.

DCEC's Live Room is Hot With Big Names(4)

△ Yujian quality, genuine core protection 2023 Kayou Test Drive Meeting

DCEC's Live Room is Hot With Big Names(5)

△ Launching Ceremony of “Hurricane Live Studio”

DCEC's Live Room is Hot With Big Names(6)

△ “Hurricane Live Studio” Selection Criteria

DCEC's Live Room is Hot With Big Names(7)

△ The scene of the “Hurricane Live Studio” live broadcast kick-off meeting

A live broadcast show of Dongfeng Cummins’ integrated power chain with warmth and dry goods, from the innovation of the form to the comprehensive preparation, the subtleties convey the importance that Dongfeng Cummins attaches to users and fans. In 2023, Dongfeng Cummins will continue to create more excellent products to help users’ dreams of creating wealth. At the same time, it also hopes to bring more surprises to the industry through innovation in product promotion forms.

Although the first live show of Dongfeng Cummins Hurricane has ended, but in the next month, the live broadcast of dealer Hurricane will be held in full swing. At the same time, the dealer live show will still bring you more exciting live broadcasts, richer gifts, and better products. There are many surprises, so stay tuned! Card friends must continue to pay attention~

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