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DCEC’s Heart-Warming Escort, Worry-free And Smooth Life

Feb 23, 2024 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

The beautiful and fertile Xinjiang is not only an important route of the ancient Silk Road, but also rich in coal resources. In recent years, the “Xinjiang coal export” has been in full swing, giving this beautiful secret land a new charm. With the expansion of the scale of “Xinjiang Coal Sinotransport”, in order to ensure the reasonable supply of national energy, there are still many truck owners and logistics fleets who did not go home during the Spring Festival holiday this year. Trucks are rushing in and out of Xinjiang day and night, while ensuring the smooth transportation of resources. Under the premise, we will explore opportunities to create wealth, work hard for “Xinjiang Coal Sinotrans” and continue to operate.

Transporting coal on the sparsely populated and endless Gobi beaches is a harsher environment than other transportation scenarios. The loading and unloading sites are seriously polluted by dust, and the road conditions are complex. The northwest region itself is windy and sandy. With several environmental conditions superimposed, it is conceivable that once Vehicle failure will have a great impact on the vehicle transportation cycle and the psychology of the cardholders.


In order to ensure that the majority of truck owners and major customer logistics fleets can operate with peace of mind during the Spring Festival, Dongfeng Cummins formulated a comprehensive service guarantee plan for scene operation equipment before the holiday. The service department quickly established service experts with outstanding skills in the Xinjiang region based on the actual operation conditions. Spring Festival guarantee team. In order to further ensure customers’ fast loading and transportation and achieve “acceleration”, the Dongfeng Cummins Flying Tigers conducted multi-dimensional service enhancement training for the expert team, including professional skills, service awareness, and service specifications. Dongfeng Cummins Flying Tigers have been traveling all over the country to serve customers, implementing the concept of “expert service throughout the world” with practical actions.

During the family reunion, many experts went to the front lines of Xinjiang coal transportation in Hami and Guazhou, stationed at designated service stations, and were on call day and night, 24 hours a day, to continuously support the winter maintenance and troubleshooting of customer fleets, and provide Customers solve difficult and complicated diseases and provide service support, truly “quenching thirst with water nearby”. Even if the vehicle reaches an inaccessible place, the expert team is always on call.

DCEC’s Heart-Warming Escort, Worry-free And Smooth Life-2

In addition, in order to better serve customers, Dongfeng Cummins service personnel issue contact cards and vehicle stickers to each driver of each fleet in advance to ensure that each vehicle can be used correctly. Even if the vehicle encounters a problem, the driver can immediately Find the person, find the right person. At the same time, experts actively conduct business and operational training for resident service station and fleet personnel in their free time to ensure that customers use and maintain their cars well.

During the Spring Festival, the expert team assisted in solving 36 on-site difficult faults and repaired 21 vehicles. When equipment problems arise, experts can assess the situation and respond proactively, flexibly and decisively. This leaves customers with a good impression of local dealer Dongfeng Cummins’ after-sales service, and at the same time enhances users’ trust in Dongfeng’s service team.

Last year, with the major release of “Dongkang Home Service” and the upgrade of “Expert Service Smooth Traveling World”, Dongfeng Cummins built a more agile, smarter and more innovative service system to provide customers with more professional services. With the service commitment of “3 Complete and 5 Best”, we protect customers, make customers feel more secure and secure in owning and using cars, further enhance the use value of products, and help customers operate worry-free and create wealth efficiently.

Xinjiang is one of the key markets for Dongfeng Cummins. With its superb product technology and considerate after-sales service over the years, Dongfeng Cummins engines are deeply favored by local customers. With the increasing scale of “Xinjiang Coal Sinotrans” transportation, Dongfeng Cummins’ overall sales in Xinjiang are also gradually rising.

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