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DCEC Products Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Apr 28, 2023 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

Even a man of steel wears out to the limit after a long ride on the battlefield, let alone an engine. Once out of insurance and facing major repairs, the truckers must be hit hard. The high maintenance costs and the time and cost of paying, facing the current freight market, it is simply worse!

Today, Kangkang brings you a solution
Use remanufactured products to replace and repair,
Minimize spending costs

What is “remanufacturing”?

Remanufacturing refers to the process of professionally repairing or upgrading old auto parts that are no longer used due to functional damage or technical obsolescence, so that their quality characteristics and safety and environmental performance are not inferior to those of new prototypes. “Remanufacturing” is one of the core components of the country’s next five-year plan, and it belongs to the “new business”. As one of the earliest companies participating in national remanufacturing, Dongfeng Cummins actively responded to the country’s call to promote the use of remanufactured products and promote resource conservation and recycling. Utilize, reduce environmental pollution, and contribute to the society’s low-carbon environmental protection.
DCEC Products Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Dongfeng Cummins original factory remanufacturing

Strictly guarantee product quality

Dongfeng Cummins has strictly regulated the main links of remanufacturing, including old parts inspection and identification capabilities, technical equipment and production capacity in dismantling, cleaning, manufacturing, assembly, product quality inspection, etc., and environmental protection requirements for related waste disposal, etc., to ensure that remanufacturing Manufacturing product quality.

Dongfeng Cummins remanufactured parts
The quality of the original factory is safe, reliable and guaranteed

Dongfeng Cummins remanufactured parts all adopt the remanufacturing production technology and professional equipment of Cummins original factory in the United States. They are manufactured through high-standard technology and advanced processing technology, and follow strict quality control to ensure the quality of the original factory. With 4 core advantages, it creates greater value for users!

Dongfeng Cummins remanufactured products
Create greater value for customers

1. Express, express customers

For such customers who are more time-sensitive to transportation, remanufactured products can be replaced faster, and can be delivered within 48 hours at most, and the replacement price is as low as 60%, which greatly reduces the time cost of customers waiting for maintenance and the cost of replacement parts. In addition, the reliability of remanufactured products is stronger, which provides full guarantee for the high attendance of users.

2. Large package business service provider

For service providers who contract a large number of businesses, the use of remanufactured engines can enable them to respond to customer demands faster, saving labor costs on the one hand, and material costs on the other. They can serve more fleet customers in a short period of time, work efficiently and get twice the result with half the effort!

DCEC Products Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency(3)
3. Emission upgrade customers

For customers who need emission upgrades, Dongfeng Cummins recycles low-emission engines and matches them with high-emission engines through remanufacturing, which is equivalent to the three-guarantee service for new machines. In this way, the cost of replacing the engine without changing the car is lower, which brings great benefits to customers. convenient!

Know what you make Dongkang make

remanufactured product

Maintenance saves time and effort

Cost down again and again

you are worth a try

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