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DCEC Engine Overseas Maintenance Service Guide

Jul 4, 2022 | Operation and Maintenance | 0 comments

Maybe many users don’t know how to buy generators or engine equipment when they come back, how to seek help efficiently and quickly when there is a problem in the later period machine products.

1. DCEC engine product global warranty policy

DCEC products enjoy the services of the unified DCEC global service system, and the service is carried out according to the territorial principle, that is, the DCEC service station where the engine is located is responsible for the warranty and service provision of the engine.
The warranty scope of export products, the determination of warranty period and the standard of warranty fees will be implemented by DCEC local service agencies in accordance with the local DCEC company warranty regulations and warranty work manuals applicable to product use, and may be related to the current Dongfeng DCEC and DCEC (China) investment. The DCEC product warranty regulations implemented by Co., Ltd. in the East Asia region are not completely consistent.

2. How to get service when DCEC engine fails overseas

Engine registration: Chinese OEMs provide DCEC overseas service support teams with engine export information every month or customers register directly on the DCEC product registration website; or customers notify local DCEC engine sales information.
Request for service: Customers can directly contact the nearby DCEC service station, and please provide the following information:
Engine serial number, equipment purchase date and working hours; equipment manufacturer, equipment name and model; description of the fault site, work done on site; if there is a photo of the fault site, please provide. Provide service: DCEC local service station checks engine failures and provides failure inspection reports; the costs related to insurable failures are paid by the DCEC system, and the customer needs to pay
Non-guaranteed breakdown service charges.

3. DCEC Generator Warranty Claim Policy

Most products sold by DCEC come with a warranty (i.e. an accompanying warranty) which defines the respective responsibilities of DCEC and the customer in the event of failure (warranty failure) caused by defects in DCEC materials or factory workmanship. If the product is not maintained in accordance with the provisions in the DCEC Operation and Maintenance Manual, failures caused by incorrect maintenance, or failures caused by irregular operation or neglect of the product specified in the limitations of the warranty certificate, are not covered by the DCEC warranty.
【Reminder】DCEC shall not be liable for any of the following situations: for damage caused after the engine should be turned off; for failure or damage determined by DCEC to be illegal operation or negligence; wear or tear of warranty parts; incidental or consequential damage.
a. Engine Warranty Start Date
The repair station must determine the warranty start date. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide proof of the relevant dates, if required. If the warranty start date is not recorded in the documentation and the user has failed to provide evidence of the date despite their best efforts, the repair shop should set the warranty start date as the shipping date plus one month on the first claim.
The steps to determine the start date of your warranty vary by application type. For details on determining the warranty start date, refer to the appropriate warranty description.
b. Customer Responsibilities
Use and maintain Cumming products as recommended in the DCEC Operation and Maintenance Manual; maintain a work odometer or hour meter.
Before the applicable warranty period expires, notify the DCEC authorized repair station of all in-warranty failures and provide the necessary documents to verify the product warranty start date; if necessary, transport the engine to the repair station, or use the engine within the valid warranty period In a state of being repaired.
In the event of a failure covered by the warranty, the customer must contact theDCEC authorized repair station for repair. The failure date is the date the repair order was opened. The engine must be in a waiting state for repair and the repair order must be opened/created within the warranty period.

For more information, please refer to the engine operation manual and maintenance manual, or follow the EMAC official website:

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