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DCEC Automotive Engine

DCEC engines are found in nearly every type of vehicle and equipment on earth – from emergency vehicles to mining haul trucks, it has been committed to providing customers with high performance, low operation cost, low emissions automotive engines.

DCEC adhering to the parent company’s technology and management advantages, the electronic automotive engines produced by DCEC are synchronizes with CMS global products, which are interchangeable for most of models.
Working closely with parent company Dongfeng Motors, developed engines according to Dongfeng Motor’s requirements, developed in conformity with the medium/heavy truck, tractor operating characteristics of diesel engine, and successfully applied in all major platform of Dongfeng trucks, greatly satisfied the needs of Dongfeng Motor. In addition, to better serve customers, DCEC has also taken various measures to optimize service network layout, with our global service network, and easy access parts supply, greatly speed up the service response. Whether for truck or buses, no matter what product you need, we will provide you with the most satisfactory.

DCEC auto engines proved its strong power in the 3000 meters altitude, and can also be easily start up with ultra-low temperature at – 35 ℃, it’s a reliable power solution for all kinds of harsh environment.

DCEC automotive engines are clean, efficient, reliable and durable, covering displacement from 3.9 to 14 liters, with power range from 125Hp to 680HP.

Advantages of Automotive Engine

Large low speed torque, wide range of torque output, quicker start ability in mountainous areas, powerful climbing abilities, high plain driving speed, transport mileage per unit time is longer brings higher working efficiency for trucks powered by DCEC.
DCEC automotive engines originated from the CMS advanced design and superior manufacture, lower 20% oil consumption than congeneric products. Rely on excellent reliability, Lower maintenance and repair costs, DCEC automotive engines has been widely used in all kinds of vehicles including light, medium and heavy trucks, medium and high-grade intercity buses, and large and medium-sized buses.

Find Automotive Engines by Series

This is the list of all series of DCEC autmotive engines.
Click here to find automotive engines by type (Fuel System & Emission Standard).

EQB | 125-235 HP | Mechanical

C | 220-325 HP | Mechanical

Products Not Available

The relevant products still under developing or waiting to be update, please contact our sales team for latest updates.

L | 300-375 HP | Mechanical

ISF2.8 | 130-160 HP

ISF3.8 | 141-156 HP

ISB3.9 | 125-160 HP

D4 | 150-195 HP

ISD4.5 | 140-200 HP

ISB5.9 | 170-235 HP

ISD6.7 | 190-300 HP

ISC8.3 | 230-292 HP

ISL8.9 | 270-380 HP

L9 | 280-400 HP

ISL9.5 | 220-325HP

ISM11 | 385-440 HP

ISZ13 | 425-560 HP

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Sales Team

Generator Engine - Mr. Haden Wu

Marine Engine - Mrs. Hailey Tang

Automotive Engine - Mr. Vin Hu

Industrial Engine - Miss. Bella Huang

Pump Engine - Miss. Zora Zhou

Sales Director - Mr. Jasper Lee      

Service Team

Technical Service - Mr. Vin Hu

Customer Service - Mrs. Wendy Fu

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