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Zero-carbon Brand Makes its Debut in North America

Mar 24, 2023 | Global Exhibition | 0 comments

Debut in North America (3)
On the first day of the North American exhibition (CONEXPO CON/AGG) on March 14, DCEC made its debut with the Accelera zero-carbon brand, reaffirming that “zero emission” is the top priority of DCEC’ development, and promised to achieve the goal of zero carbon by 2050. Emphasis will be placed on the following two key areas of focus:

Advanced Internal Combustion Engine Technology
Carbon emission reduction and efficiency assurance are simultaneously implemented, without affecting equipment and its normal operation
Broader Portfolio of Zero Emission Technologies
Focusing on the commercial vehicle industry, it provides multiple power solutions such as pure electric and fuel cell powertrains, as well as electrolytic water hydrogen production equipment for green hydrogen production

DCEC’ portfolio of complementary mitigation technologies enables technology readiness to be matched with infrastructure readiness, enabling the right technology to be deployed at scale at the right time to reduce emissions.
Eric Neal, executive director of DCEC off-highway business, said that DCEC is committed to supporting customers in achieving their zero-carbon goals and working hand in hand on the journey of emission reduction. Through an accurate grasp of technology and a deep understanding of customer needs and applications, DCEC plays a leading role in the energy transition process.
Through a series of developments and acquisitions, DCEC has the industry knowledge, technical expertise and manufacturing scale to lead the off-highway industry today and tomorrow.
DCEC is second to none in the industry for its wide range of mechanical equipment and vehicles, and its wide range of cross-market and cross-regional business. It is an ideal partner for customers’ energy transformation.
Debut in North America (4)

The new generation of 15-liter advanced diesel engine exhibited by DCEC provides a practical solution for emission reduction and decarbonization in off-highway applications. It is also one of the important products of DCEC multi-fuel engine platform. Diversified low- or zero-carbon fuels, including biodiesel, hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO), renewable natural gas and hydrogen.DCEC multi-fuel engine products have the advantages of shared basic platform and high versatility of parts. Its hydrogen internal combustion engine solution is expected to be the first step towards zero emissions for engineering equipment manufacturers.

Amy Davis, president of DCEC Accelera, emphasized that a single solution or zero-emission approach cannot meet all power needs, so DCEC is working on developing a broader portfolio of zero-emission technologies, including fuel cells, electric systems and fuel storage technologies.
Debut in North America (5)

The new BP95E nickel-cobalt-manganese oxide (NMC) battery exhibited by DCEC has a long service life and fast charging. It is suitable for compact engineering equipment and is an ideal choice for urban urban operations. Extensions are required for more flexible installation.

The DCEC new-generation fuel cell engine exhibited at the same time can meet the operating cycle, performance and assembly requirements of heavy-duty off-highway equipment applications. Durability for a lower total cost of ownership.

Debut in North America (6)
DCEC will complete the acquisition of Meritor in 2022, further expanding Accelera’s product portfolio, expanding the product range of ePowertrain electric powertrains and the integration capabilities of EV electric systems. The electric central drive unit (eCDU), on display, is a remote-mounted electric powertrain product designed for off-highway applications operating in confined spaces. Its innovative architecture increases the flexibility of vehicle design and can be flexibly placed as needed, helping to reduce the cost of vehicle structural adjustments, such as hydraulic brakes and driveline parking brakes.
Relying on DCEC’ global service network and technical expertise, as well as rich application experience and optimization matching capabilities, Accelera occupies a unique position and advantage in assisting end-users in the process of energy transformation, and can quickly introduce zero-emission technologies together with customer partners to meet diverse needs. demand, reduce the impact on the environment, and achieve the common goal of zero carbon.

Accelera focuses on the development of zero-carbon power solutions to help accelerate the decarbonization of industries with development potential and carbon-intensive industries around the world. Accelera is both a component supplier and an integrator. Its products include fuel cells, pure electric vehicles, electric drive axles, traction and transmission systems, and water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment. It has operations in North America, Europe and China.

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