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Cummins K38 Assists 40-Meter Operation and Maintenance

Apr 8, 2024 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Recently, Haifeng 5000 series
Catamaran high-performance wind power operation and maintenance ship bow shipbuilding
Glory delivery

The total length is 40 meters, and the trial speed is about 18 knots or more.
Endurance reaches 1,000 nautical miles
Good speed and strong seakeeping ability
It is China’s advanced catamaran high-performance operation and maintenance ship type.
The power core “core” on which this giant ship relies
It is derived from Cummins K38 engine

marine engine-2

Full power
Speeding up operation and maintenance ships

marine engine-3

The offshore distance of wind power projects continues to increase
Timely and efficient transport of workers to offshore wind farms
It is particularly important to carry out maintenance work
Cummins ship machinery business in China
Cooperate with Chongqing Cummins to develop power-increasing products
When the overall weight of the engine remains unchanged
Upgrading through technology
The power of a single engine is increased by more than 15%
Significantly enhance the navigation performance and stability of operation and maintenance ships
Helping the offshore wind power operation and maintenance market enter the era of high-speed ships

Reliable design
Not afraid of wind and rain

There is abundant wind energy in offshore wind farm waters
Changeable weather and sea conditions, harsh environment
The reliability of equipment has a huge impact on the operation of operation and maintenance ships
The K38 engine continues the advantages of Cummins engines in terms of durability and durability.
Overall modular design
High parts versatility, reducing the number of parts by 10%
Low failure rate and convenient maintenance
Effectively reduce maintenance costs and ensure efficient attendance of operation and maintenance ships

marine engine-1(1)

High energy configuration
Widely used hard core

marine engine-4

There are many types of operation and maintenance ships currently on the market
The demand for power equipment is also more diverse
Cummins K38/50 engine has rich configurations
Widely used in 26 meters, 33 meters, 36 meters, 40 meters, etc.
Classic wind power operation and maintenance ship type
Able to accurately match the needs of different customers
Personalized needs in terms of speed, endurance and load capacity, etc.

Go through the wind and rain, break through the waves and move forward

Cummins high horsepower engine
Help wind power operation and maintenance ships operate efficiently
Let’s enjoy it together
The speed and “machine” conditions of the operation and maintenance ship equipped with Cummins high-horsepower engine

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