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Cummins Established Wuhan Technology Center Emission Treatment System

Feb 10, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

On February 9, the Wuhan Technology Center of Cummins Emission Treatment System was formally established. As an important part of the Cummins Emissions Treatment System Global Technology Center, the center will provide strong technical support for the research and development of emission treatment systems and their components, develop products more suitable for the Chinese market, respond to customer needs faster, and help the company accelerate its progress. Towards zero carbon.

At the event site, Stephen Saxby, Vice President of Cummins, Chief Technology Officer of China Region, Brett Fathauer, Global R&D and Engineering Director of Cummins Emission Treatment System, Chai Yongquan, General Manager of Cummins Parts Division in China, and relevant persons in charge of the Parts Division Witnessed the establishment of the Technology Center both online and offline, and communicated and looked forward to related technologies and business development. For a long time, Cummins has insisted on empowering manufacturing with technology and developing customized products to serve local customers. Just as Yongquan Chai, General Manager of Cummins Parts Division in China, said: “Our engineering and technology are developed for the local area, which effectively supports the localized production of parts and truly benefits customers.”
Stephen Saxby, vice president of Cummins and chief technology officer of China, also said: “The local technology center not only allows us to quickly respond to customer needs, but also supports the product development of the global team.”
Wuhan Technology Center (5)
Wuhan Technology Center (3)
General Manager Chai Yongquan
Wuhan Technology Center (4)
Sai Junfeng Chief Technology Officer
Wuhan Technology Center (1)
Cai Songli Chief Engineer

Stephen Saxby, vice president of Cummins and chief technology officer of China, also said: “The local technology center not only allows us to quickly respond to customer needs, but also supports the product development of the global team.”

While supporting the development of conventional internal combustion engines, the technology center is also continuing to support the development of hydrogen internal combustion engines. Cai Songli, Chief Engineer of Cummins Parts Division in China, said that the emission treatment system will continue to play a key role in the series development work.

Having been deeply involved in China for nearly 50 years, Cummins continues to focus on emission treatment system technology, and works with industry partners to promote technology upgrades. In recent years, Cummins has started from the source of research and development, throughout the entire production and manufacturing process, to help customers achieve carbon emission reduction goals:

In 2008, Cummins Emission Treatment System (China) Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing;

In 2011, the first engineering laboratory – urea pump and control laboratory was established in Wuhan East Asia R&D Center;

In November 2022, the laboratories that were originally scattered all over the country will be relocated to the new site of East Asia R&D Center, and important technical infrastructure such as 20T shaking table, transient natural gas burner and catalyst laboratory will be carried out.

Cummins Emission Treatment System Wuhan Technology Center is located in the new base of Cummins East Asia R&D Center. It has 12 laboratories and is equipped with testing capabilities such as emission performance, mechanical durability, vibration and noise measurement, application engineering, software calibration, and fault diagnosis of after-treatment assemblies. Greatly enhance the comprehensive experimental capability of Cummins emission treatment system, and have the ability to develop and test products suitable for aftertreatment of 2.5L to 15L diesel engines, natural gas engines and hydrogen internal combustion engines.

Facing the future, the Cummins emission treatment system will also deploy localized development in advance to provide effective guarantees for products that meet the National VII emission regulations, and lay a reliable foundation for forward-looking exploration of new paths for future power on the basis of strengthening traditional energy power innovation breakthroughs .

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