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Established Guangxi Customer Support Center

Feb 24, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

On February 23, the opening ceremony of the DCEC Guangxi Customer Support Center with the theme of “going forward, staying true to the original intention, cooperating and guarding the terminal”, and the full-interface press conference of the DCEC Provincial Customer Support Center were held in Liuzhou, Guangxi.
Representatives from DCEC China, Guangxi DCEC, Dongfeng DCEC, Foton DCEC, Xi’an DCEC, Anhui DCEC and other joint ventures and partners participated in and witnessed the official release of the full interface of the DCEC Provincial Customer Support Center. Up to now, 18 provincial-level customer support centers have represented DCEC, providing in-depth services to mainstream markets such as vehicles and construction machinery with a unified interface, and jointly improving the end-user experience.
Guangxi Customer Support Center (1)
Guangxi Customer Support Center (2)
The DCEC Customer Support Hub (Customer Support Hub) is a regional service organization of DCEC at the provincial level in China, and it is an important measure to achieve a comprehensive service capability layout for mainstream market users,” said General Manager of the Automotive and Construction Sector of DCEC East Asia Distribution Division Fang Yong introduced: “The establishment of the customer support center will coordinate with DCEC’ corporate resources in China, including joint ventures and partners, to provide convenient and fast business support for OEMs, authorized dealers, independent repair shops and end users. Help customers achieve real efficient attendance.
Lin Jing, general manager of DCEC East Asia Distribution Division, said that with the release of the full interface of the customer support center, DCEC relies on 18 provincial-level customer support centers, 5 provincial-level core parts repair centers and nearly 100 municipal-level core parts. The parts repair center and more than 3,000 authorized service dealers make the service infinitely close to the users, so that every user can feel that DCEC’ timely, fast and professional services are close by.
The service network of the Guangxi Customer Support Center established this time will radiate to all prefecture-level cities in Guangxi. Relying on Guangxi DCEC’ manufacturing and technological advantages, it will coordinately promote training, testing, technical support and other work, and promote regional services to high network density and service capabilities. Strong, fast response and continuous development.
Guangxi Customer Support Center (3)
Guangxi Customer Support Center (5)
Since 2016, DCEC has deployed provincial-level customer support centers across the country, and currently has 18 customer support centers all over mainland China. Fan Xiaolu, Director of Channel Business Development of DCEC East Asia Distribution Division, said: DCEC will create power products and service solutions preferred by customers through the collaborative efforts of post-market resources, and become a value partner for users.

Adhering to the concept of “e-road DCEC real core real service”, DCEC will serve users infinitely close, with core technology, digital empowerment, and resource collaboration to support comprehensive service guarantee, bring better service experience to users, and create more business for partners value.

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