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Card Sister’s House” Was Established in Wuhan

Mar 31, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

Card Sister's House (5)

On March 23, jointly initiated by the China Women’s Development Foundation and DCEC (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and jointly implemented by the Hubei Provincial Women and Children’s Development Foundation, the “Cargo Road·Women’s Line” truck transportation industry female empowerment project was the first ” Kajie’s House” was established and officially unveiled at Wuhan Huitong Highway Port. Liu Dan, Deputy Secretary-General of China Women’s Development Foundation, Li Yan, Vice Chairman of Hubei Women’s Federation, Shi Naisen, Vice President of Cummins and Chairman of China Region, and representatives of the freight industry “Kaijie” attended the unveiling ceremony.

Shi Naisen, Vice President of DCEC and Chairman of China Region, said:”Women’s empowerment has always been the focus of Cummins. We are very pleased to see that with the support of the Women’s Foundation and other partners, the influence of the Cargo Road·Women’s Tour project has continued to expand. The Cargo Road·Women’s Tour project is another new chapter. I believe that with the cooperation of partners, it will become a warm home for girls on the Cargo Road. With a variety of online and offline empowerment activities, it will help more girls realize their dreams. A better life.” Liu Dan, Deputy Secretary-General of China Women’s Development Foundation, said:”Over the years, the China Women’s Development Foundation has conscientiously implemented the deployment of the All-China Women’s Federation Party Group, and continued to provide caring services for women in ‘new fields, new formats, new classes, and new groups’. In the future, the project will continue to Enrich the content of caring services. I hope that Kajie’s Home can play a leading role in demonstration and truly build a warm home and a model of public welfare projects serving women in the ‘four new’ fields.”
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On the day of the event, the sisters participated in the group psychological counseling class of “Family Relationship and Children’s Education” and received a care package specially designed for them. The counselors patiently answered questions about marriage and family raised by the sisters. On behalf of Master Yi, Sister Ka said emotionally: “I can’t accurately express how happy I am in words. Thank you friends from all walks of life for caring about our group.”

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At present, Wuhan “Kajie’s Home” has carried out more than 50 special activities, opened an online appointment platform, dispatched psychological counselors, established a “warm heart” spiritual gas station, and provided free online and offline consulting services for Kajie. Hold “heart-warming” micro-classrooms and provide training on marriage and family, family education and other courses. Regularly carry out “heart-warming” group activities such as hand-baking, painting healing, flower arrangement, etc., to help sisters improve family relationships and reduce psychological pressure.

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