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Accelera Cuel Cells Power Austria’s HY2RAIL Freight Locomotive

Apr 7, 2024 | China News | 0 comments

Recently, the first railway freight locomotive powered by Cummins’ zero-carbon brand Accelera fuel cell was successfully commissioned in Austria, achieving a milestone breakthrough. Accelera fuel cells become the main driving force for the light rail locomotive (OTM) retrofit project developed by Austria’s HY2RAIL project.

The Austrian Railway Administration OBB is famous for managing one of the most advanced railway systems in Europe, and this cooperation with OBB on the HY2RAIL project fully demonstrates that fuel cells can sustainably meet the power needs of heavy-duty freight locomotives.

m.ZERO is an engineering consulting company based in Graz, Austria, dedicated to providing advanced technical solutions for off-road applications. They combine decades of expertise in alternative powertrains, including fuel cell and battery technologies, with extensive rail industry backgrounds. This time, m.ZERO integrated the Accelera fuel cell module into a 120kW power system to provide power for the locomotive. This is a customized system that complies with stringent rail vehicle standards, including European standard EN 61373, which specifies shock and vibration testing requirements for rail applications.

In addition, m.ZERO and Accelera jointly manage and control the integration of all BOP accessories and interfaces. The Accelera fuel cell system is matched with a ternary lithium battery system and integrated into a hybrid system that includes cutting-edge electric power, on-board hydrogen storage technology, vehicle control units and software. The system integration work is jointly completed by m.ZERO and HY2RAIL projects.

TrainTech, OBB’s technical services department, is a very professional department and has played a key role in promoting the modernization of rolling stock. The locomotive system was previously an OBB X534 catenary construction and maintenance rail vehicle. It uses a diesel power generation propulsion system. After installing a new fuel cell power system, it can achieve zero-emission operation.

Alison Trueblood, general manager of fuel cell hydrogen technology at Accelera, said

“The application of fuel cell technology to freight locomotives further strengthens our position as a major fuel cell supplier to the railway sector in the European market. This project builds on our experience in passenger train applications and our ability to support dynamic rail markets, further confirming that The feasibility of hydrogen technology in zero-emission heavy transport.”


Herbert Wancura, CEO of m.ZERO said

“The on-demand delivery of Accelera fuel cells shows that zero-emission technology is not only feasible, but also economical and environmentally friendly. It is the right choice for us to use fuel cells for this project. We are confident that we will work with railway equipment suppliers to achieve zero carbon emissions efforts and look forward to working with Accelera again on subsequent projects.”

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