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A Collection of Black Technology

Apr 21, 2023 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

The power of good products is subtle

Convince everyone with true skills

Efficient and comfortable, easy to travel to long-distance trunk lines

Galloping in the transportation industry for many years

Every trip is to accelerate towards the destination

Backache, shoulder pain and leg cramps have long been “routine”

You still grit your teeth and insist on running for your life

With TA, you don’t have to work so hard

Anti-“labor” artifact

Dongfeng Cummins integrated power chain is coming


Dongkang Z14 engine and Yingdong AMT

Highly integrated and optimized design

Shared underlying control logic

For Better Control Matching

Transmission efficiency up to 99.8%

Take the first place in every transportation

More than ten driving modes to precisely control power and gear shifting

Long-distance trunk lines no longer need to frequently step on the clutch to change gears

Liberate left foot and right hand, move forward with health

Reduce costs and increase efficiency, calmly face the market environment

Rising oil prices due to fierce competition

Experience drastic changes in freight rates

But the hands are firmly welded to the steering wheel

With Dongkang integrated power chain

you don’t have to frown

A collection of black technology (4)

Eight lightweight designs + five fuel-saving black technologies

Low-cost operation is fundamentally guaranteed

Intelligent regulation according to actual road conditions

Joint “strength” through advanced electronic control features

Product reliability is further guaranteed

Inwin AMT adopts

Advanced fully active precision lubrication system

The amount of lubricating oil is only 7.5L

Transmission efficiency can be as high as 99.8%

Also own 5 years or 600,000 km

Transmission super long oil change interval

TCO maintenance cost reduced by about 20,000 yuan

Far ahead of peers

Efficient operation and low consumption travel

The monthly harvest is full and abundant

busy running

Often let card friends lose themselves

Unable to pursue hobbies, unintentional to look at the scenery

There is Dongfeng Cummins integrated power chain in

Accompany you carefree travel the world

You heart it?


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