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6LTAA8.9-P310 Pump Engine

DCEC 6LTAA8.9-P310 pump drive engine is a 6-cylinders in line, 8.9 liters four-strokes engine with 114mm bore and 145mm stroke. Equipped with mechanical fuel pump and electronic governor, comes with turbocharger and Air-Air intercooler. The prime power at 1500RPM of DCEC 6LTAA8.9-P310 pump drive engine is 230 kW.

As part of EMAC, PumpMac provides abundant premium pump-driven power pack options, WPT PTO, Advance gearbox and pump head, as well as customized water pump set. We also have a set of NFPA20 standard engine power pack accessories including air intake shut-off valve, DC contactor, engine control panel, jacket water heater etc. We provide full life cycle services for all customers, from design to power system supply, from installation to commissioning, from after-sales service training to spare parts supply, from trouble shooting to overhaul technical support.

1.Leading design and excellent manufacturing technology make the engine more reliable and durable, suitable for high-strength, heavy-duty work under severe working conditions.
2.Advanced four-valve structure, greater power, more thorough air combustion, higher low-speed torque and higher operating efficiency.
3.Forced cooling articulated pistons are used to withstand higher mechanical and thermal loads, comparable to the strength of heavy-duty engines.
4.Enhanced cylinder design, significantly reducing noise and vibration.
5.Powerful driving air-to-air cooling and turbocharging technology, better engine power.
6.The use of central fuel injector, the combustion chamber is symmetrical, the mixing in the cylinder is more uniform, the combustion is more thorough, and the emission is lower.
7.The size of the engine is smaller than that of the same type of engine, the maintenance space is large, and the maintenance is faster.
8.Strong interchangeability, more convenient equipment upgrades.

Technical Specifications

Basic Introduction of DCEC 6LTAA8.9-P310 Pump Engine

Engine Model:6LTAA8.9-P310
Engine Type:6 Cylinders, in Line
Displacement:8.9 L
Rated Speed:1500 RPM
Aspiration Method:Turbocharged & Air-Air Intercooler
Emission Standard:N/A
Fuel Consumption:45 kg/hr
Basic Engine(L*W*H):1240 mm * 780 mm * 1185 mm
Dry Weight:650 kg
Lead Time:15-30 Working Days
Payment Terms:T/T ,L/C

Engine Model

Basic Engine(L*W*H)

Fuel System


6LTAA8.9-C2401240*780*1185mmWeifu PW2000 Pump / RSV Mechanical GovernorTurbocharged & Air-Air Intercooler
6LTAA8.9-C2601240*780*1185mmWeifu PW2000 Pump / RSV Mechanical GovernorTurbocharged & Air-Air Intercooler
6LTAA8.9-C3001240*780*1185mmWeifu PW2000 Pump / RSV Mechanical GovernorTurbocharged & Air-Air Intercooler
6LTAA8.9-P3101240*780*1185mmMechanical Pump/Electronical GovernorTurbocharged & Air-Air Intercooler
6LTAA8.9-C3251240*780*1185mmBosch P7100 Pump / RQV-K GovernorTurbocharged & Air-Air Intercooler
6LTAA8.9-P3401240*780*1185mmMechanical Pump/Electronical GovernorTurbocharged & Air-Air Intercooler
6LTAA8.9-C3401240*780*1185mmMechanical Pump + RSV Mechanical GovernorTurbocharged & Air-Air Intercooler
6LTAA8.9-C3601240*780*1185mmBYC P7100 Pump / RQV-K GovernorTurbocharged & Air-Air Intercooler

General Infomation of DCEC 6LTAA8.9-P310 Pump Drive Engine

Engine Model6LTAA8.9-P310Output Power230 kW @ 1500 RPM
Torque1464 N.m @ 1500 RPMNo. of Cylinders6
Compression RatioN/AAspirationTurbocharged & Air-Air Intercooler
Fuel SystemMechanical Pump / Electronical GovernorEmission CertificationN/A
Displacement8.9 LBore*Storke102 mm * 120 mm
Governor RegulationN/AApplicationWater Pump
Dry Weight650 kgCPL Code Revision3158
Basic Engine(L*W*H)1240 mm * 780 mm * 1185 mm

Performance Curve-DCEC Cummins 6LTAA8.9-P310 Pump Drive Engine

Engine Performance Data of DCEC 6LTAA8.9-P310 Pump Drive Engine

Engine Speed1500 RPMOutput Power230 kW
Torque1464 N.mInlet Air Flow215 L/s
Charge Air Flow1000 kg/minExhaust Gas Flow1001 kg/min
Exhaust Gas Temperature533 Heat Rejection to Coolant100 kW
Radiator Coolant Flow198 L/minHeat Rejection to Charge Air Cooler35 kW
Turbo Comp.Outlet Pressure180 kPaTemperature170
Fuel Consumption45 kg/hrLow Idle Speed800±50 RPM
Maximum  No Load Speed1575±20 RPMMaximum  Overspeed Capability(15sec max)2900 RPM
When 0% Gas Pedal Loading [email protected]N/AMaximum  Altitude Limit for Continious RunningN/A
Minimum Pump Inlet PressureN/ACold Start Capability-Without Start Add Device-12
Cold Start Capability-With Air Intake Preheating-35 Sound Pressure Level at 1m (GB/T1859)N/A
Maximum Parasitic Load at 0℃ @ 500RPM Without AidN/AMaximum Parasitic Load at -15 @ 500 RPM Without AidN/A

Scopes of Supply of DCEC 6LTAA8.9-P310 Pump Drive Engine

Air Intake System1. Air intake manifoldExhuast System1. Exhuast manifold
2. Air filter2. Turbocharger
3. Water-AirIntercooler3. Exhuast elbow
Starting System1. Starter motorCharging System1. Charging alternator
2. Starter rely2. N/A
Lubricating System1. Oil pumpFuel System1. Fuel transfer pump
2. Oil filter2. High-pressure fuel pump
3. N/A3. Machanical governor
4. Fuel Filter
Engine Shut-Down System1. Engine fuel shut-off solenoidPower Output System1. Flywheel
2. N/A2. Standard flywheel housing
Cooling System1. Sea Water Pump & Heat Exchanger/ RadiatorEngine Mounting System1. Engine Mouting Bracket

Optional Accessories of DCEC 6LTAA8.9-P310 Pump Drive Engine

Air Intake System1. Air Intake Pre-heaterExhuast System1. Muffler & bellows
2. Air intake pre-filter2. Flame trap
3. Air filter alarm system3. Spark arrestor type Muffler & bellows
4.N/A4. DPF system
Fuel System1. Coarse FilterEngine Auiliary Accessories1. Hydraulic oil pump
2. Fuel pre-heater2. Hydraulic cluch
Starting System1. Manual Magnetic DC ContactorControl System1. Engine monitor
2. Dual ears flywheel housing2.Engine protection system with alarm system
3. Spring Starter Motor3. Machanical engine control lever syste
4. Air Starter Motor4. Electric engine control lever system
5. Hydraulic Starter Motor5. N/A
6. Manual Magnetic DC Contactor6. N/A
Power Output System1. Gear reduction gearboxCooling System1. Coolant pre-heater
2. Reverse gear box2. Jacket water heater
Lubricating System1. Oil pre-heaterEngine Mounting System1. Shock absorber pad


As part of EMAC, PumpMac focusing on water pump set related business, from pump drive engine, to WPT PTO, from complete engine power pack to complete water pump set, from NFPA20 standard fire fighting pump accessories to fire pump drive package, from explosion proof accessories to complete explosion-proof water pump set, PumpMac provides professional one-stop solution for everything customer needed for water pump set industry.
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Modifiable components of DCEC 6LTAA8.9-P310 Pump Drive Engine

Air Intake System1. Installation position of air filterCharging System1. 12V charging alternator for 12v electric system
2. Upgrade to heavy-duty type air fitler2. Explosion-proof charging alternator
3. N/A3. Upgrading to specified brand and speicifications of charging alternator
Exhuast System1. Can modify installation position and direction of turbochargerLubricating System1. Oil Pan position
2. Water-cooled exhuast manifold2. Number of dipstick
3. Water-cooled turbocharger3. Position of dipstick can choose from 6 positions
4. N/A4. Can modify oil filter to be remote installation
Fuel System1. Upgrade to fuel fitler that integrated with fuel transfer pump and fuel pre-hearterStarting System1. 12V starter motor for 12v electric system
2. N/A2. Upgrading to specified brand and speicifications of starter motor
Engine Shut-Down System1. 12V solenoid for 12v electric systemPower Output System1. Can modify size of flywheel housing and flywheel.
2. Explosion-proof solenoid2. Dual-ear flywheel housing (For twin-starter system)
3. N/A3. Some of models can modify flywheel housing into PTO integrated type.
4. N/A4. Engine have connecting port of PTOs, that able to provide power output.
Cooling System1. Can modify engine into keel cooling systemEngine Mounting System1. Can modify engine mouting bracket.
Engine Auiliary Accessories1. Additional auxiliary systems can be added for special applications.

Note: All Above Data are Just for Referenece, All Data Might Change Without Notices or Update, Please Contact Our Sales Team to Confirm All Details Via WhatsApp or Email.

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