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20 DongFeng Cummins Legend 460 Models were Delivered to Customers

Mar 28, 2024 | China News | 0 comments

Good news again in March!

Outstanding performance and strength gain customer trust!

20 Dongfeng Tianlong KL hazardous chemical traction vehicles equipped with Dongfeng Cummins Legend 460 engines were successfully delivered to Ningxia Hazardous Chemical Transportation Company. These vehicles will become a good helper for user operations due to their safety, timeliness and other advantages. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Industry Customer Department Director Wang Ji, Dongfeng Cummins Northern Region Manager Liu Junliang, Ningmeng Commercial Agency Manager Liu Bo, Dongshengyuan Chairman Huang Yong, Ningxia Hazardous Chemical Transportation Company General Manager Chen and his party jointly witnessed this grand event!

In the current fierce competition in domestic commercial vehicles, Dongfeng Cummins, which has been forging ahead, has worked with its partners to rely on years of good reputation and product quality worthy of users’ trust. Since 2023, hazardous tractors equipped with legendary engines have successively gained market share. Bulk orders have become the favored choice for customers to purchase again and again. Today, the delivery of the legendary model to Ningxia customers once again demonstrates the outstanding performance of Dongfeng Cummins power products, and also achieves a new breakthrough in the industry’s hazardous chemicals transportation power. At the event site, Wang Ji, Director of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Industry Customer Department, presented the vehicle key to Mr. Chen, General Manager of Ningxia Hazardous Chemical Transportation Company.

The transportation of hazardous chemicals has a long way to go

Dongkang Quanxin boosts industry development

In recent years, as the petrochemical industry has brought strong demand for road transportation of dangerous goods, the country has implemented stricter control standards for hazardous chemicals transportation vehicles. Dongfeng Cummins has actively responded to the national hazardous chemicals transportation policy and through technological innovation and product Innovation and service model innovation, working together with partners, are committed to expanding the full life cycle value of products and after-market service value, bringing users more reliable and safer transportation options.

The transportation of hazardous chemicals has the characteristics of long transportation distance, changeable environment, and complex working conditions. High-performance transportation tools have become the core demand of the transportation market. As the crystallization of the wisdom of the powerful alliance between Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles and Dongfeng Cummins, the Dongfeng Tianlong KL Legend Edition delivered this time fully integrates the in-depth insights of both parties in the commercial vehicle industry. Targeting specific application scenarios in China’s hazardous chemicals market, Legend Power and Tianlong KL have achieved a high degree of integration to accurately meet the needs of end customers.

The Dongfeng Tianlong KL Legend Edition tractor equipped with the Dongfeng Cummins Legend 460-horsepower engine brings customers in the standard load logistics and transportation industry with stronger power, lower fuel consumption, more comfortable driving experience, higher intelligence, and greater reliability. The high-quality new upgrade experience also injects strong momentum into the new development of the domestic hazardous chemicals efficient logistics market. According to driving feedback from drivers, under standard load conditions, the fuel consumption of hazardous chemical tractors equipped with Dongkang Legend 460 products is 2~3L less per 100 kilometers than products of the same level, and its performance is very outstanding among competing products of the same level.

Product and service empowerment

Create a popular “business card”

As the “heart” of the entire vehicle, the Dongkang Legend 460 engine installed in the Dongfeng Tianlong KL Legend Edition was built from Dongfeng Cummins’ new intelligent heavy-horsepower factory, inheriting Cummins’ deep market accumulation of medium and heavy-duty engines and its profound understanding of customer needs. Understand that we have deeply integrated system solutions that achieve higher performance in terms of software and hardware innovation.

Dongfeng Cummins legendary 460 engine

Using advanced modular design, the number of parts is reduced by 30%. The compact structure improves the engine service life, brings excellent reliability, effectively improves user attendance and also brings driving safety; the engine adopts a new high-efficiency supercharger The engine design, cylinder block, cylinder head, etc. are greatly strengthened, and the combustion conditions are more sufficient. With Smart Brain 2.0, idling fuel consumption is reduced by 30%, effectively reducing user transportation costs; the engine weight is 745Kg, which is 120kg lighter than the industry average weight. It has high low-speed torque and a speed of The climbing ability at 50km/h has been increased by 25%, and surging power output can be achieved regardless of mountainous areas or plains, further improving the efficiency of hazardous chemicals transportation.

Of course, high-quality products are inseparable from driver operations. In order to enable the efficient operation of hazardous chemical fleets, Dongfeng Cummins launched driving training services for fleet customers during the same period of the delivery event. Professional technicians will further improve the driver’s operating level and achieve lower fuel consumption through system theoretical explanations and practical teaching. and better safety, helping fleets improve overall operating income from a comprehensive perspective of people and vehicles. In the future, Dongfeng Cummins will also provide customers with service guarantee contact cards based on the vehicle’s operation route to ensure that the vehicle operates more efficiently and reliably!

This batch delivery of Dongkang Legend 460 hazardous chemical tractors will bring a safer, more fuel-efficient, and more comfortable new experience to local hazardous chemical transportation customers in Ningxia, and further promote Ningxia’s hazardous chemical transportation industry to better reduce costs. Increase efficiency and help it accelerate into the “fast lane” of efficient and high-quality development. In the future, Dongfeng Cummins will continue to focus on user needs, strengthen product innovation, safety upgrades, service upgrades, etc., work with partners to help build a safety barrier for hazardous chemicals transportation, and promote the development of hazardous chemicals transportation towards diversification and high efficiency new stage.

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