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The Largest Export Order of Large and Medium Sized Buses

Nov 26, 2021 | China News | 0 comments

The Qatar World Cup order set a new record for the largest batch of Chinese passenger cars exported to Qatar. Among them, 1815 units of HIGER buses are all equipped with DCEC CMI ISD and ISL engines. This time 196 units have been used in advance to serve the EMIR Cup competition.

Recently, the EMIR Cup football final, the highest level in Qatar’s domestic cup, came to an end at the Qatar World Cup Stadium. 196 units of HIGER buses equipped with DCEC CMI fully escorted and successfully completed the transportation guarantee task. At the same time, these vehicles will also serve the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

It is worth mentioning that the champion trophy of each EMIR Cup competition will be awarded by the EMIR of Qatar (Head of State). As a sports event with the highest specifications and broadcast quality throughout the year, the EMIR Cup has attracted Qatari nationals, the royal family, and many international football players to watch the game.

Qatar is located in the desert zone of the Middle East, with a high temperature and high humidity climate, which greatly tests the power reliability, safety and anti-corrosion performance of passenger cars. The Qatar World Cup has always adhered to the principle of “high specifications and high standards” in the purchase of passenger cars for the World Cup. The requirements for the comprehensive strength of passenger car brands and technical supporting enterprises are very demanding.


“BENCHMARK” Models Show Hard-Core Capabilities

2022 World Cup in Qatar, setting the record of the largest batch of Chinese passenger cars exported to Qatar. Among them, 1815 Hager buses are all equipped with DCEC CMI ISD and ISL engines. This time 196 units have been used in advance to serve the Emir Cup competition. The conclusion of this historic order is of milestone significance for the development of Chinese buses in the Qatar market and the construction of local public transportation in the future.

DCEC CMI D Series Engine-Excellence, Reliability and Durability

  1. Some parts are made of high-strength composite materials and lightweight design, making the engine lighter;
  2. Low friction work power cylinder system, reducing oil consumption by 33%, and increasing fuel economy by 1%;
  3. 10,000 hours of engine bench test verification and 3.5 million kilometers road test verification, safe and reliable;

DCEC CMI L Series Engine-Intelligent, Efficient and Comprehensive Saving

  1. Using a low-friction power cylinder system and a high-pressure common rail fuel system, greatly improving reliability and durability, and peace of mind in complex working conditions;
  2. Intelligent Brain 2.0, integrated post-processing system, small size, low installation cost;
  3. Using Inte-Brake high-power auxiliary braking to achieve optimal braking;
  4. Intelligent fuel consumption management system, which comprehensively considers vehicle driving demand, self-weight and road conditions, and provides the most optimized fuel consumption management plan;


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